8 days guest credit insurance win an order sample of 25mm bearing housing

106 Published by Jul 17,2019

Thai guest A, on January 5th, came up with an inquiry about 25mm bearing housing. The inquiry included our 25mm bearing housing, price, MOQ, and asked if we could provide an accessory.

I saw this inquiry about 25mm bearing housing on the 6th, and replied to the price of the 25mm bearing housing. I recommended two 25mm bearing housings for him. One is a high quality 25mm bearing housing and the other is medium quality. 25mm bearing housing. The price difference between the two models is relatively large. I mainly want to recommend this bottom price, and the high price is a comparison for the guests. The guest asked for an accessory, we didn't do it, but I didn't directly refuse it. The euphemistic reply said that we didn't produce it. If you need it, you can provide the details of the accessories. We will cooperate with other suppliers.

The 25mm bearing housing quoted in the morning and received a reply from the guest at noon. The time difference in Thailand is one hour later than us. The time difference can be ignored directly. The details of the guest reply are very professional. 25mm bearing housing

I haven't responded to the guests yet. The guest is estimated to have received information from the local customer. I have another email asking if I can place a next trial of 25mm bearing housing.
I am proposing to place a test order, even if it is a 25mm bearing housing sample list, I can't ask for it. My heart has turned over~
Immediately reply to the guest: Of course, trial order is acceptable.But its price will be difference from the cargo.Hope you can understand.
The sample cost of 25mm bearing housing has also doubled up. By the way, we have mentioned the holiday time of our factory, indicating that we have a holiday of 2 weeks. You have to hurry up the sample list of 25mm bearing housing. Otherwise, I will go after the year. Of course, this is the time for me to take time off with the guests. I have not said so straightforwardly. It is estimated that he understands this.

Mail No. 7: I came to an email and asked if I could get a 25mm bearing housing from a cabinet before the year. God, our factory is now working overtime every day. You are now interested in going down the order. Ship, dream. Replying to him can't be done years ago, after the year. Reply said that 25mm bearing housing could not be produced before. He asked the delivery date of the order after the year, and after giving the approximate delivery date, I asked the invoice to prepare payment for 25mm bearing housing. At that time, the company did not open an offshore account, and gave a domestic private account to receive the US dollar. It was thought that this operation could only take a small order. If the goods were large, the bank’s limited amount would not be enough. Finally, I decided to take a letter. Shipped through a Datong.25mm bearing housing
The new question No. 9-13 came again. I applied for an order in the background of Datong. I was prompted to submit the billing information for review. I have been tossing for several days. I just want to say thank you for helping me to work through the audit. However, the person who passed the audit of Datong is really stubborn and unreasonable, and I am angry. . . Fortunately, the deadline was passed. I quickly drafted a letter to the guest, and on the 12th, I arranged a letter to arrange the online link. I would like to call the guest to remind him to change the payment. There are less than six or seven. I am going to have a holiday on my working day, and I will pay quickly. Guest A said that he would be able to pay tomorrow when he was on a business trip, well, then wait for tomorrow.

Mail No. 13: Waiting in the morning, etc., I have not received the payment information. Considering that the sample of our 25mm bearing housing is completed in three or four days, and the sample of 25mm bearing housing is still in a hurry, how can it be faster? This time, that is to say, the sample of 25mm bearing housing must be given to the engineering department at the latest, but the money has not yet been affected. In the afternoon, I quickly called to remind the guests. The effect is A. I haven’t received your email yet, have you arranged the payment? The guest said that there is no payment of 25mm bearing housing. I thought that I just knew that the money had not been arranged before I called this phone, but it was not too obvious. . I continue to say that I understand your busy work here, but we will have a Chinese New Year holiday for the next five working days (I would like to thank the Grand Motherland for the Spring Festival holiday, how good the reminder is), within 5 days. I need to make a sample of 25mm bearing housing, need to ship, etc. We have not received your payment. We can't drop the 25mm bearing housing sample list to the factory. We can't arrange the booking. We can't follow the 25mm bearing housing sample according to your requirements. I will give it to you years ago. . . A said that I am going back to the office and arrange it immediately, and I will send you a water bill within one hour. . I really received the email within an hour.

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