UK customers finally accepted payment methods, purchasing koyo bearing 6002

174 Published by admin Mar 25,2019

On March 5th, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, after finishing the website, I searched for RFQ and saw that the customer was looking for bearing 6002 and paid a photo. It was KOYO brand. I quickly told the customer to confirm koyo bearing 6002. After the inventory, send the price of bearing 6002 to him. At about two and a half, the factory responded with inventory, and quickly reported the price of bearing 6002 to the customer. At 6 o'clock in the afternoon, I received a reply from the customer, saying that I was grateful to me for taking photos of bearing 6002, and then asked me to help him check the shipping cost. Because the customer did not clearly indicate the number of bearing 6002, just wrote the number on the RFQ sent. In order to confirm the number of bearing 6002, I asked the customer again, the customer replied at 1 am, and saw the customer's message in the morning. After that, quickly calculate the weight of bearing 6002 and help customers check the shipping cost. Because Shipping Company only went to work at 9:00 in the morning, the freight was reported to the customer at 9:30.koyo bearing 6002

At 6 o'clock in the afternoon, I received a reply from the customer, saying that if he can, he is willing to pay with Paypal, but the payment is more than 1000 US dollars. The boss said that the state controls foreign exchange, as long as it is more than 500 US dollars, it must be paid to the company's T/T account. Explain to the customer, the customer did not respond to the news at the time, thinking that the customer might consider it, and will definitely receive the customer's reply the next day, but not. I just said that I read my news, but I did not receive any news from him. Why should I ignore my news? At 7:00 pm, I received a reply from the customer: Apologies for the delay, I did indeed read the message yesterday.Have been been very busy this end since then have been unable to reply, I'll check through the costing on these bearing 6002 and get the payment all sorted out for you. At that time, I thought that only the customer’s euphemism refused, no help, Can only tell the customer about his good news.koyo 6002 bearing

Because it was Thursday, I was thinking about waiting for Monday, and then asking the customer, but thinking, I asked him on Monday, the customer just started working, Monday is generally very busy, no question, March 12, Send a message to the customer asking if there is any news of bearing 6002, the customer saw no reply. Four days later, I sent a message to the customer saying that I didn't receive your message. I hope you are busy, not ignore me.Is there any news for bearing 6002? Finally the customer replied to the message, Apologies for the delay it's been incredibly busy for myself Do you have photographs of the bearing 6002 in question please?And how do you accept payment on this as with being a first order paypal was preferred or through the Alibabe trade assurance we'd have to look at ideally. After the Alixin insurance order, the customer gave a bad review. From then on, the boss no longer accepts the Ali insurance order; the boss finally accepts Paypal payment, but asks the customer to choose to pay to their relatives and friends when Paypal pays, the customer does not want to, The boss is also embarrassed, and I can't do it if I don't want to do it. This is a list that I can't easily talk about. I don't give in on both sides. It really makes me very embarrassed. No way. After all, I am just an employee, I have to talk to customers. I really cherish you,but I don't know how to do.If you want, you can take some samples of bearing 6002 to check quality.bearing 6002

At around half past five, the customer replied that I would like to be able to place this order for bearing 6002,of course but as I havent dealt with yourselves before it's very difficult. With the samples of bearing 6002 how much would it cost me to receive these please?We're pretty desperate for getting stock in of these as we havent been able to offer Koyo bearing 6002 for awhileso would be looking for an ongoing business relationship too as we'd purchase any of these bearing 6002 from yourselves. The customer did not say the quantity of bearing 6002 samples, ask the customer, around 6:40, the customer responds i'll just go for the 1000pcs bearing 6002 which we discussed before.could you issue me a pro forma invoice for this one with all the bank details etc to make payment Please. What? Am I not see mistaken? Let me make an invoice him and still be an invoice for the bank account. Because I was shopping outside, the mobile phone couldn't make an invoice. I really regretted it. Why did I choose to buy things at this time and still eat outside? I didn't even have a meal at the time. At that time, I almost didn't eat much. I finally returned to the place where I lived before 8 o'clock. I quickly opened the computer and made an invoice to the customer. At 8:15, I sent the invoice of bearing 6002 to the customer. At 9 o'clock, the customer said that he had paid, but there was no Payment List. In order to ensure that the bank information filled in by the customer was correct, he and the customer asked for a Payment List. About 9:30, the customer sent the Payment List because it was sent to the customer. The Payment List came up differently. I thought the customer was lying to me, but the next morning, I sent an email to the customer's bank account saying that the customer had already paid for our bank account. It is expected to be received on Friday. 

On Friday, let the boss look at it and receive the customer's payment. The bearing 6002 will be sent to the customer in the last two days.

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