During the World Cup, we walked into the browning bearings together.

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BROWNING is the world's largest producer of V-belt,the B5V? series is a combination product designed by the company in 1990 using the latest technology.using advanced production processes and inventory control,make the user's choice wider.Traditional HTP timing belts can be used at speeds ranging from 10 RPM to 5000 RPM.power exceeds 200HP,the new RPP series timing belt is more than 200% faster than HTP power.So that the product's cost-effective advantage.Browning mainly produces Browning bearings and Browning sprockets.browning bearings-1

Browning’s bearing types are mainly:
(1) Thrust toller BROWNING bearings
1. Thrust tapered roller bearings, full complement tapered roller thrust bearings for rolling mill reduction mechanisms.

(2) Thrust-aligning BROWNING bearings
Asymmetric spherical roller type (thrust spherical roller bearing), symmetrical spherical roller type (thrust spherical roller bearing).browning bearings-2

(3) Top-wire external spherical ball browning bearings, with external sleeve ball bearings, eccentric sleeve external spherical ball bearings, external cylindrical surface ball bearings, other external spherical ball BROWNING bearings, etc.

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