How to check centric wheel bearing review?

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Wheel hub bearing is an important traveling part of automobile.Wheel hub bearing is responsible for reducing the friction resistance during chassis operation and maintaining the normal driving of the car.If the hub bearing fails, it may cause noise, bearing heat and other phenomena, especially the front wheel is more obvious, easy to lead to direction loss of control and other dangerous phenomena.Therefore, centric wheel bearing review must be maintained on schedule.

skf centric wheel bearing review
This is some centric wheel bearing review method:
Centric wheel bearing review 1:
When checking the tightness of hub bearing, first of all, put up the axle of the wheel at one end of the wheel hub inspected by the automobile, and use tools such as car stool and cover wood to put the car safely.
Centric wheel bearing review 2:
Turn the tested wheel by hand several times to see if the rotation is smooth and if there is abnormal noise.If the rotation is not smooth and there is friction sound, the braking part is abnormal;If there is no noise, the rotation is not smooth and the time is loose, the bearing part is abnormal.The wheel hub should be disassembled when the above abnormal phenomena occur.

centric wheel bearing review
For small cars, when checking centric wheel bearing review, hold the upper and lower sides of the tires with both hands, and push the tires back and forth with both hands. Repeat this several times.If normal, there should be no relaxation and blocking feeling;If the swing has a clear feeling of looseness, should remove the wheel hub.
Centric wheel bearing review 3:
Brake inspection.Usually in the inspection of wheel bearing, with the inspection of wheel brake device, if there is oil inside the tire, it is likely to be caused by the brake pump or brake tubing oil leakage, should promptly find out the cause, to eliminate.
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