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The fag bearing website group is the world's first rolling bearing manufacturer, the originator of the rolling bearing industry, and is at the forefront of the world's bearing industry. Its founder, Friedrich Fischer (1849-1899), designed a special precision steel ball grinder in 1883, which made it possible for the first time to produce a completely spherical steel ball using the grinding process. His revolutionary invention is the beginning of the global rolling bearing industry, making FAG bearings one of the leading brands in the mechanical, automotive and aerospace industries.

Since becoming part of the Schaeffler Group in 2001, the fag bearing website has played an active and important role in the aerospace, automotive and industrial sectors. It also makes fag bearing website bearing the most complete product outline in the industry in the rolling bearing industry. It covers all areas of application in the production machinery, power transmission and railway, heavy industry and consumer goods industries.fag bearing website

Germany fag bearing website bearings cover a wide range of ball and roller bearings from 3 mm to 4.25 m in diameter, including standard products based on samples and non-standard products according to user specific requirements. Fag bearing website bearings also provide customers with a comprehensive range of comprehensive service and technical service support, including: inspection, maintenance and assembly and disassembly of bearings and bearing systems.

Fag bearing website bearing has also invested a lot of money in technology research and development. Test equipment and special materials laboratories, modern simulation technology provide strong protection for fag bearing website bearings, and also provide strong support for the development and improvement of various production lines.

The Schaeffler Group, which belongs to fag bearing website bearings, is a global leader in the production of rolling bearings, linear motion products and automobile manufacturing. It has about 80 companies in more than 50 countries in the automotive, industrial and aerospace industries. The manufacturing plant and more than 100 sales offices have 66,000 employees worldwide; it also owns two well-known brands - INA and LuK.fag pillow block bearing

Fag bearing website China: Invested and produced in China in 1998, Schaeffler Group has an Anting R&D center in Shanghai, and five production bases in Taicang and Suzhou, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou and Nanjing. There are 14 sales offices in Jinan, Chongqing, Xi'an, Tianjin and Dalian. Now it has about 6,000 employees, which lays a good foundation for providing long-term high-quality and convenient services to Chinese users.

Jinan Maolei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional organization engaged in import bearing trade. The company closely follows the development of fag bearing website bearing. It specializes in the operation of German fag bearing website bearing and INA bearing. It provides comprehensive quality service for customers. The company has professional The technical engineer is based on the product information and technical support you provide.

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