Do you know five lubrication methods for keeping fag wheel bearings?

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The viscosity of smooth oil at fag wheel working temperature is usually 12-15 cst. The higher the speed, the lower the viscosity should be, and the heavier the load, the higher the viscosity should be. Commonly used smooth oils are mechanical oil, high-speed mechanical oil, steam turbine oil, tightening oil, transformer oil, cylinder oil, etc.

Emu smooth methods include:
1. Smooth oil dripping
Drop of oil is suitable for the quantitative supply of smooth oil. The fag wheel bearing components are modified to assume that the amount of oil drip is usually one drop every 3-8 seconds. Excessive oil volume will cause the bearing temperature to increase.fag wheel
2 circulating oil smooth

Use the oil pump to send the filtered oil to the fag wheel bearing parts. The following is for reference only. The smooth oil after the fag wheel bearing is filtered and cooled. Because the circulating oil can take away a certain amount of heat and make the bearing cool down, the fag wheel bearing information port is revealed, so this method is suitable for high-speed bearing components.

3. Smooth oil bath
Oil bath smoothing is a very common smoothing method. It is suitable for the smoothing of low and medium speed fag wheel bearings. A part of the bearing is immersed in the groove. The smooth oil is carried by the rotating bearing parts and then flows back to the oil tank. At the base of a very low roll body.Fag-Wheel-Bearings

4. Spray light slip
Use an oil pump to shoot high-pressure oil into the fag wheel bearing through the nozzle, and the oil injected into the fag wheel bearing flows into the oil tank through the other end of the bearing. When the bearing rotates at a high speed, the rolling body and the cage also make the surrounding air flow at an appropriately high rotation speed. It is difficult to send the smooth oil to the bearing by the usual smooth method. At this time, the high-pressure spray must be used to spray the smooth oil To the bearing, the orientation of the nozzle should be placed between the inner ring and the base of the cage.

5. Spray smooth
Use boring compressed air to mix with smooth oil through a sprayer to form oil mist. Modify the data. In the bearing eruption, the airflow can effectively cool the bearing and prevent the intrusion of impurities. This method is suitable for the smoothness of high-speed and high-temperature fag wheel bearing components.

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