What is the attention for friction bearing definition?

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The service life of friction bearing definition is closely related to manufacturing, assembly and use. It is necessary to make every link in order to make the country operate the best bearings and thus extend the service life of bearings.
Friction bearing definition are made of a bearing alloy (also called babbitt or white alloy)
Wear-resistant cast iron, copper and aluminum based alloys, powder metallurgy materials, plastics, rubber, etc.

friction bearing definition
Friction bearing definition attention:
Friction bearing definition is in contact with the surface, so a certain oil film should be maintained between the contact surfaces. Therefore, the following questions should be paid attention to in the design:
1, to make the oil film can smoothly enter the friction surface.
2. The oil shall enter the bearing from the non-bearing surface area.
3, do not make the full ring oil groove in the middle of the bearing.
4, such as oil shingles, joints open oil groove.
5, to make the oil ring oil fully reliable.
6. Do not block the refueling hole.

bearing friction bearing definition
Friction bearing definition can also be lubricated with grease. The following points should be considered when selecting grease:
(1) when the bearing load is large and the speed is low, the grease with small cone penetration should be selected; otherwise, the grease with large cone penetration should be selected.High speed bearing dressing
(2) the choice of grease drop point generally higher than the working temperature of 20-30 ℃, at high temperature under the condition of continuous operation, be careful not to exceed the allowed to use the temperature range of the grease.
(3) when the sliding bearing is working in the water drench or wet environment, it should choose the calcium base, aluminum base or lithium base grease with good water resistance.
(4) choose a good adhesion grease for friction bearing definition.
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