Sweet foreign trade life: one of my Panamanian customers purchases high quality ntn bearing

402 Published by admin Sep 29,2018

Saying that I just entered the foreign trade circle for 70 days, I have a few high quality ntn bearing samples. Because our company uses foreign trade software, after I entered the company, the boss transferred some customers to my name. Most of these documented customers are found by my predecessors on the Internet or are inquiries, so it is still very valuable. So I opened the information of the two hundred customers and the original mail, one by one, and then emailed them one by one. But a lot of bounces. After I sent more than two hundred emails, I felt a little light, and then I waited for the customer's reply. . . Then there is no more then. The next day, I opened the computer and didn't have mail. On the third day, I developed a letter from someone else. On the fourth day, I finally got a customer back, but the content was very short. There were only two words "no interest"!!!!!! In terms of the customers I found, I sent a total of 272 emails that day, of which 80 were returned, 12 were not interested or needed, and 6 directly sent me a high quality ntn bearing quotation. The rest are not responding. Ok. I originally thought that these customers who were filed should be very reliable. . . Ok. I think more.high quality ntn bearing supplier

After half a month, I sent all the mail again. Still the same situation. There is no sincere customer. I sent it again in June 10th. This time I added my whatsapp to the skype. The key came. The next day, a Panamanian customer added my whatsapp, saying that we are high quality. Interested in ntn bearing, ask me the price of 100 high quality ntn bearing, but she is speaking Chinese. So I was initially skeptical. Because we often encounter situations where someone pretends to be a customer and then the price of high quality ntn bearing, the company can't arbitrarily quote the customer. I said this to the boss, and he also felt unreliable. Then let me talk to her more. Then I found out that she still had WeChat, so she added her WeChat. Her WeChat is a photo of a little doll that is a few months old, and then all the content is sent in Cantonese. Later, I accidentally mentioned the little doll, which was originally his son. Through chat, I found out that this customer is a Chinese who works hard high quality ntn bearing

Later, she said that my high quality ntn bearing is expensive. I told the boss. Also gave her a cheaper high quality ntn bearing price. She said that she should consider it. Every other day, she said it was expensive of high quality ntn bearing, and we gaveher a dollar cheaper. She still thinks that the price of high quality ntn bearing is expensive. Then she said, "If the price of high quality ntn bearing is xx dollars, she decides to buy it." This time the boss listened directly and said very arrogantly, "You will give her xx of high quality ntn bearing to see if she can buy or not." . . Then, until she had to pay for the high quality ntn bearing, the boss felt suspicious. Then because the time difference is 11 hours apart, I am basically a big early morning or very late to chat with her. When it comes to payment, she said that she would have to wait a few days, saying that she had to pay her employees at the end of the month, but she was too busy. I said yes. But my heart is still a bit drumming. The next day, other colleagues in our company chatted and said that several large customers are talking about the price of this high quality ntn bearing, and they have already talked about it. Then I thought that the inventory of high quality ntn bearing was not enough. If those customers pay the high quality ntn bearing, then I have to wait for the next batch of goods to come out. I just said something to her casually. result! ! ! She paid for it that day! ! ! Happiness comes too suddenly! ! ! So insisting on it is really important. . .

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