Customers from Chile follow the promise: Monday paid for high speed ntn bearing

271 Published by admin Nov 02,2018

On September 24th, I received a message from the customer, saying that I was very interested in our high speed ntn bearing and shared the business card. Opened Whatsapp and received a message from a Chilean customer, the content is same as Alibaba, thinking that it should be the same customer. At that time, it was thought that this customer was in desperate need of high speed ntn bearing, this order will soon be completed.

However, after the customer said a model of high speed ntn bearing, Iquotated the price to him, and the customer asked me if there is a catalog of high speed ntn bearing, then I sent catalog to customer as soon as possible. Customer explanation day to reply to me. At that time, I thought that this customer is coming to the catalog.high speed ntn bearing supplier

I didn't expect to see the message from the customer the next morning. He said that he would change the model of high speed ntn bearing and continue to quote the customer. After the price was reported, the customer asked me how much the freight was, and checked the cheapest for the customer. After the freight report was over, the customer went offline. In the afternoon, I received a message from the customer saying that he would buy a high speed ntn bearing and quickly invoice the customer for a high speed ntn bearing. After the high speed ntn bearing invoice was sent to the customer, the customer actually said that he would pay at night. Ok, it’s another tough process.

I didn't receive the customer's payment slip the next day. I thought that the customer should be busy and didn't follow suit. After 3 days, I asked the customer why there was no payment. The customer did not reply to the news. I am very sad, thinking of this high speed ntn bearing order to run again.After another three days, I told my customers that I had not received your news for a long time. I was very upset. I didn't expect the customer to reply. I said that I was busy recently. He will pay the high speed ntn bearing on Monday. what? on Monday? I don't think I am bothered, drag me, okay, I wait. Finally, on Monday, the customer sent a payment slip .

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