Do you know lubricating method for ina bearing china?

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lubricating method for ina bearing china:
Generally working ina bearing china is lubricated with thin grease and oil mist, which have their own characteristics, but in order to meet the requirements of modern high-speed, high-load working roller bearings, it can be considered that more suitable is oil vapor lubrication.
Lubrication has an important influence on the fatigue life, friction, wear, temperature and vibration of ina bearing china.The best feature of ceramic bearing is that it cannot work without normal lubrication.Analysis of the reasons for bearing damage shows that about 40% of bearing damage is related to poor lubrication.Therefore, good lubrication of INA bearing is an effective measure to reduce the friction and wear of bearing.In addition, bearing lubrication by heat, rust, sealing, impact mitigation and other functions.

original ina bearing china
The actual working life of the working roller bearing has been improved obviously after using oil-air lubrication, and the wear and damage condition of the rolling working surface has been improved a lot compared with the grease lubrication.When the ina bearing china reaches 1/3 to 1/4 of its service life, it must be thoroughly cleaned and the internal clearance of ina bearing china must be measured. When the internal clearance of bearing is greater than twice of the original clearance, it should be adjusted. When the bearing after cleaning and inspection is installed again, it should be replaced with the loading area.

ina bearing china
Under the condition of high speed and high temperature, the adjustment scheme of ina bearing china combination position and clearance grease lubrication can be used when grease lubrication is not suitable.Through the circulation of lubricating oil, a lot of heat can be taken away.Viscosity is an important characteristic of lubricating oil.The viscosity directly affects the fluidity of lubricating oil and the thickness of oil film formed between friction surfaces.
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