Gold 16 hours, so conquered Japanese customers – purchase ina needle roller bearings

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Today, Mr. T  whose purchased ina needle roller bearings calls to implement one thing, that is, they want to purchase our ina needle roller bearings. We have already seen our catalogues and quotations are quite satisfactory. Customers will come to China for business trips in two days and will try their best to visit us to implement cooperation. This is their new project and I hope we can have the opportunity to cooperate.

After the phone call, we started to get excited and nervous. If we can cooperate with Mr. T which is a big buyer of ina needle roller bearings in addition to a single amount of optimism, it is more important that the strength of the ina needle roller bearings of our entire factory will definitely be improved. So, we began to plan how to receive this "heavyweight" big customers. The first is online search to understand the purchasing habits of ina needle roller bearings and customs of Japanese customers. We know that Japanese customers are very concerned about the details, including the neatness of the factory, the placement, the dust on the production line, and the problem of child labor. In addition, the Japanese do business with integrity first, so we must pay attention to the promise of the customer in the negotiation process must be done, not sure must be informed after the determination, can not say that should be able to do, or try to do For you, then repent. In this way, they may have the idea of ​​canceling cooperation immediately. Next, we arranged the samples for the ina needle roller bearings that the customer was looking at, and then specially arranged a detailed PPT, and planned to directly introduce the factory, product  of ina needle roller bearings and cost performance of ina needle roller bearings. There is also a plan to plan the entire visit process on the day of the customer's visit, clearly listed, and print out the visit process using the English + Japanese template. The last step is to implement the neatness and sanitation of the factory, to the details.ina needle roller bearings supplier

Time flies, and the days of customers coming to China are here. Due to the delay of the aircraft, the already intense schedule became more tense. Two days passed and the customer had not yet implemented the time to our factory. I couldn't help but call and asked. After the customer answered the phone, I was embarrassed to say that I was still in a meeting in Shenzhen. I need to adjust the itinerary. Only half a day in the afternoon can be met, but from Shenzhen to our factory, driving distance It is 5-6 hours. If he take the plane, there is no flight in the afternoon, and we have a headache. If the customer is not seen this time, the customer may also put the item ina needle roller bearings on hold. After hanging up the phone, our mind was full of regrets and re-doing a plan. In this way, the customer will work harder, that is, we will drive directly to Shenzhen to pick up the customer to the factory, and then complete the meeting. After the visit, we will send the customer directly back to Shenzhen. After the fight, convinced the customer, and agreed that we will receive customers in Shenzhen tomorrow at 11 am.

At 5 o'clock in the morning, the day is still not bright, with a cool breeze, the street lamp is still running through the city, how many times, we drove in this scene. We are like this. We started on the road in the early morning, got on the high speed and went straight to Shenzhen. In order to facilitate the communication with customers in the back and forth more than 10 hours, I and S sister did not arrange the driver, and we both opened in turns. At about 10:30 in the morning, we arrived at the customer's hotel lobby. After picking up the customer whose purchased ina needle roller bearings, the customer was surprised that we drove, he didn't feel very embarrassed. Through the translation, and our own simple Japanese self-introduction, the customer felt very cordial. We didn't feel tired during the whole process. Instead, we was touched by the strictness and integrity of Japanese customers. Customers and us shared a lot of their experience in purchasing ina needle roller bearings, as well as the principles of doing business, as well as some interesting things in Japan. We seem to have traveled to Tokyo, ina needle roller bearings

The time is just right. We took the customer whose purchased ina needle roller bearings back to the factory at about 5 o'clock before the worker got off work. We arranged the agenda in the meeting room first, and the customers nodded their appreciation for the Japanese-style visit. We took the opportunity to say a word to our customers whose purchased ina needle roller bearings. "In order to make our customers happy, we will only do more things that are more convenient for you." Customers of purchasing ina needle roller bearings which purchased ina needle roller bearings feel warm. After that, we visited the factory and watched the show in the conference room. The customer did not have much doubt in the whole process, and the whole process was very satisfactory. When we visited the factory and invited customers to talk to the conference room, our meeting room already had several models of ina needle roller bearings that the customer was looking at in the workshop. This customer felt our efficiency. Through the PPT display, the customer has learned the situation of our factory in a unified and centralized manner (due to factors such as customer interest, concentration, etc., usually if you add PPT display, it is best to control within 30 minutes, use photo as much as possible. Text description), and our PPT is Japanese! This is absolutely thanks to friends who help translate.

At the end of the meeting, the customer implemented a sample of ina needle roller bearings. There is also an intentional order quantity of ina needle roller bearings, which is surprisingly the order quantity of ina needle roller bearings reaches 10 high cabinets.original ina needle roller bearings

It seems that our reception was very successful this time. At about 7:30, we officially finished talking, and then invited customers to eat. Since it is difficult to find a formal Japanese restaurant in our city, we have arranged Chinese restaurants, the main dishes are fish. Accepted by the customer's consent (because each country's diet is different, once you can not bring customers to eat their national cuisine, be sure to confirm with the customer first, and it is best to find dishes that are biased towards their country's taste, try to be Chinese restaurant.), we have dinner together, this is a special thanks to S sister's sponsorship. The dinner is already at 9 o'clock in the evening. We invite customer whose purchased ina needle roller bearings to stay overnight, but the customer journey is really tight. We also abide by the promise and arrange to send customers whose purchased ina needle roller bearings back to Shenzhen that evening. Because of the customer's approval, because of our tacit understanding, we still personally send customers whose purchased ina needle roller bearings back to Shenzhen.

There are also unexpected gains that are about to happen. On the return trip, we talked about the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday, which involved the issue of the holiday affecting the shipping period. The customer immediately called his Japanese assistant. After half an hour, the customer actually told us the order quantity. Of ina needle roller bearings will UP TO 20 HQ. The arrival of this ina needle roller bearings order was a record of our one-time order receipt. What followed was also our continuous refreshing record: such as S sister's spike 100 cabinets of ina needle roller bearings.

After the farewell, we also went back. Our next step is to serve the 20 high cabinets of ina needle roller bearings.

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