Do you know lubricating method for ina scheffler bearing?

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Do you know lubricating method for ina scheffler bearings?
Generally working ina scheffler bearings with thin grease and oil mist lubrication mode, these lubrication mode has their own characteristics, but to meet the requirements of modern high-speed, high-load work roller bearing, it can be considered more appropriate is the oil and steam lubrication.
Lubrication has a significant impact on the fatigue life of ina scheffler bearing and friction, wear, temperature, vibration, etc., ceramic bearings can't work without normal lubrication.Analysis of the causes of bearing damage shows that about 40% of the bearing damage is related to poor lubrication.Therefore, good lubrication of ina scheffler bearing is an effective measure to reduce friction and wear.In addition, bearing lubrication is also subject to heat dissipation, rust prevention, sealing, impact mitigation and other functions.

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The actual working life of the working roller bearing has been significantly improved after the use of oil one-air lubrication, and the wear and damage of the rolling working surface has been greatly improved compared with the grease lubrication.When the bearing reaches 1/3 to 1/4 of its service life, it must be thoroughly cleaned and the internal clearance of ina scheffler bearing should be measured. When the internal clearance of the bearing is larger than twice the original clearance, it should be adjusted. When the bearing is reinstalled after cleaning and inspection, the loading area should be replaced.

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The internal clearance of ina scheffler bearing increases due to wear during operation.The increase of bearing clearance will lead to the decrease of bearing internal load bearing area and the increase of running noise.Therefore, when considering the re-use standard of bearing clearance, the bearing with larger clearance should be used according to the working conditions of the host machine.
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