Stick to 1 year, 7 months and 18 days, get an order for 12 million japan taper roller bearing

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In fact, I didn’t have any hope for the order of Japan taper roller bearing. After receiving it, my colleague always told me how annoying this guest was and how embarrassed it was, but never made any orders. Later he left, just gave me a follow-up. .

After getting an inquiry about japan taper roller bearing, I carefully analyzed their previous records, Mom! More than 400 emails have been sent. The emails sent by the guests are very professional. They are always listed in 123456789, and I can't understand 80% of the contents of the guest. I will go to Google Translate and ask my friends for help. A scalp gave the guest a call. The purchase intention of the guests is very clear. From that day on, I used the translation to send emails to the guests every day. Every day we have to go back and forth with 6 or 7 emails. I dare not let the guests know that I don't understand English. So I also tried to learn English. In this way, the guest sent me various forms, supplier evaluation form, purchase request form, company review form, payment bank form, HS code list, etc. 10 kinds of forms, let me fill it out and send it to him, then he Still communicate with me every day, just don't confirm whether japan taper roller bearing orders.koyo japan taper roller bearing

Already 2 months have passed, the guest did not give me any mail, we have been negotiating for 6 months, the guests disappeared like this, my heart is really a little sad, but soon I let go, do something else, probably About 5 o'clock in the morning of the middle of the third month of the third month, the mobile phone received a message, I feel that it should be the guest. . Open a look, Nima, I am excited, this title I am too familiar, waited for 3 months, my eyes can not open, immediately open to see, I saw the word word of the japan taper roller bearing sample, I saw the time. I think, is this going to see the factory, immediately got up and turned on the computer, carefully translated it, dear xx, my boss and I decided to visit your company, ticket---, Will you come to pick us up?This made me happy and broke up, got up and washed to the office, and prepared the preparation.

I went to the airport to wait for them early this day. After a while the phone rang, I entered the pick-up hall and held a big sign. A burly big man and a tall woman came to me like me, and I knew it was a Nordic. Do you think about them? Hi xx, I haven't responded yet, hi****, after a brief introduction, we set out to go to the factory. (We are a trading company.) I told them directly on the way, you can speak English slowly. My English is not good. The burly man looked at the woman and smiled and told me that we had already guessed it. . . . .nsk Japan taper roller bearing

 After going to the factory, I looked directly at the sample of japan taper roller bearing. They have been recording. I have been asking me about the price of various models of japan taper roller bearing. I am very happy. Is this the rhythm of japan taper roller bearing? The last burly man told me, xx, think of your japan taper roller bearing
Ok, we want a sample of japan taper roller bearing. sample. Did I hear it wrong. Run so far for a sample of japan taper roller bearing. . . But I thought about it carefully, they may have a list of follow-ups or it is impossible to look at the sample of japan taper roller bearing. After I negotiated with the factory owner, I finally agreed to give them a sample of japan taper roller bearing for free.

The next day, the third day, we have been meeting in our company. Talk about various models of japan taper roller bearings price. Just mixed and mixed for 2 days. They were sent to the plane on the third afternoon.

After the sample of the japan taper roller bearing was sent away, no mail was received for about 5 months. The quality of my heart is okay, and I don’t have much to look forward to. But the people in the office laughed at this guest. It was light and thundering. . . ntn Japan taper roller bearing

There are still 2 months of New Year, I thought that this year may be over. One day, the guest suddenly sent an email, opened it, and it was dark and hilarious. The guest told me that they have been testing our japan taper roller bearing for several months, and then the attachment is a japan taper roller bearing evaluation report. Looking at the attachments, it is really a professional and attentive customer service. This is a firmer idea in our hearts. It must be a big customer. Then there are various forms of japan taper roller bearing, various details of japan taper roller bearing. This time I still didn't talk about the list. Still details. OK, for the big single, I will bear. A few emails a day, talking about the New Year. Finally, the guest spoke up and talked about the order of japan taper roller bearing, saying that we are going to sign you $200W, what... what.. 2 million... This is the rhythm to be sent... Go back to the topic, then I checked the attachments and the size of the attachments. After opening it, this is not my food at all. Agreement, contract, confidentiality agreement, compensation agreement, exclusive agreement....all English. No way to translate the scalp, Google Baidu has a way, all the comparison once, can not continue to find a colleague to help. I have been entangled in these agreements for 2 months. Because some of the terms are too harsh. Finally, all of them are negotiated. Guests asked me to do the PI of the japan taper roller bearing while doing the PI side of the japan taper roller bearing.

May 18, 2015. Officially received a deposit from the guest's japan taper roller bearing. The conclusion of the one-year, seven-month, and 18-day negotiations ended.

If you need japan taper roller bearing or any models of bearings, please contact me!

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