How to install the koyo hub bearings?

186 Published by admin May 29,2019

Worn or damaged koyo hub bearings or hub units can cause improper and costly failures of your vehicle on the road, or even harm your safety.In the use and installation of hub bearing, please pay attention to the following matters:
1,Koyo hub bearings should be installed in a clean and tidy environment, and small particles entering the KOYO bearing will shorten its service life.It is important to maintain a clean environment when replacing koyo hub bearings.Hammer strokes on KOYO bearings are not allowed. Be careful not to drop the KOYO bearings (or similar improper handling)

original koyo hub bearings
2,The seal ring of the ABS koyo hub bearings contains a magnetic thrust ring, which cannot be subject to collision, impact or collision with other magnetic fields.Remove them from the box before installation and keep them away from magnetic fields, such as the motors or power tools used.When installing these KOYO bearings, the operation of KOYO bearings is changed by observing the ABS alarm needle on the instrument panel through road test.

precision koyo hub bearings
3,In order to determine which side of the hub bearing is mounted with the ABS magnetic thrust ring, a light object can be used near the edge of koyo hub bearings, and the magnetic force generated by KOYO bearing will attract it.When installing, point one side of the magnetic thrust ring inside the ABS sensor.
4,Many koyo hub bearings are sealed and do not require grease throughout their life.Other unsealed KOYO bearings such as double row tapered roller bearings must be greased for installation.As the size of the inner cavity of KOYO bearing is different, it is difficult to determine how much grease to add. it is important to ensure that there is grease in KOYO bearing. If there is too much grease, when KOYO bearing rotates, the excess grease will ooze out.
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