Maintenance method for miniature angular contact bearing

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Maintenance method for miniature angular contact bearing:
1. When the miniature angular contact bearing runs to a certain period (or maintenance and maintenance period), remove all the bearings;
2. Soak the bearing with diesel oil or kerosene for cleaning. If there are technical conditions, it is better to open the sealing cover for cleaning;
3. Air dry cleaning oil after cleaning, and check whether there is any damage in appearance;
4. Use a stick of about 150mm with the diameter of miniature angular contact bearing with the same inner diameter (preferably hollow tube), and fix one bearing at one end;

nsk miniature angular contact bearing
5. While rapidly rotating the bearing by hand, put the other end of the stick (wooden pipe) on the ear or on the microphone of the audio amplifier to identify the bearing rotation noise;
6. After fixing the bearing, move the stick horizontally to check whether the bearing is worn loose;
7. Miniature angular contact bearing with severe looseness, excessive rotation noise and serious defects shall be eliminated and replaced with the same type;

miniature angular contact bearing
8. Take a bucket and melt the proper amount of grease (high quality dry yellow oil) with gentle fire (do not overheat). Soak the tested bearing in the bucket until no bubbles overflow.Remove the bearing before cooling grease, and the amount of residual grease is small.After the grease is cooled, take out the Angle and contact the ball bearing.Determine the amount of grease residue as needed.
9. Wipe the grease on the outside of the bearing with a soft cloth or toilet paper and install the miniature angular contact bearing on the pulley in its original state. The maintenance work will end immediately.
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