Remember my heart is complicated and complicated – nachi america buyer purchase purchase our Nachi beairng

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In fact, this is a good story. The protagonist is me and the nachi america buyer - a good man from the United States. I have always regarded the nachi america buyer as my first customer, because he is the first customer I have ever dealt with! Unfortunately, no! So I started to receive the inquiries from the nachi america buyer. It’s not true. As a foreign trader, you should have a compatible peace. You can’t see nachi america buyer and just go by. However, the nachi america buyer only agreed to pay a little price, and then said that it must be fixed. At that time, the excitement was still last year. I just wanted to be a order in the first month. It’s really a little excited though the amount not much is a piece of meat! But how can things like smooth sailing and good luck fall on someone who can be hit by the waves on the bridge? Then I started to confirm the details of the product. I finally confirmed the contract and other nachi america buyers. I started to discuss the payment method and the fee payment. Well, I will go through the month of January when I came to you. It’s not a good thing to make a single order. After all, we are still discussing it, isn’t it? In February, we will be on the nachi america buyer. We are about to pay the annual leave. At that time, we didn’t have the inventory of the products that were bought by nachi america buyer. Just wait for the nachi america buyer to send the goods. When the preparations are ready, wait for nachi america buyer to cook the meat! I explicitly suggest that I have to pay for the New Year’s money, or I will drag on a lot of things. But nachi america buyer don't care, how many days do not blame me? ! Ok, I can’t be threatened or intimidated by my parents. So continue to gently use all kinds of reasons to levy money, isn't it? I am a lady, so the seventh is still no movement, we have a holiday on the 8th! ! ! I have to tell the truth, I sent an email saying that we have to go home for the New Year. We can't ship this year. We can only wait for work next year......... Good! This time the speed of nachi america buyer back is OK! I want to drag it until next year and say it! In this way, with a little regret, I will go home to have a happy New Year. The time at home always flies fast, and soon I sit back in Shenzhen with a metal car. I don’t want to start greetings, but it’s my rice bowl. In fact, the nachi america buyer is a good person. Soon he is sure to order. After a few days of grinding, he will pay for it haha. Haha finally has a result. No, but what is falling on me is so simple, not yet. When I open the smile, I will come.nachi bearing

Speaking of nachi america, the buyer has placed an order to pay for the meat, and waited for the meat to be eaten, but ah, I often didn’t expect the model of the nachi america buyer to be out of stock, obviously before the New Year, don’t ask me why I didn’t Confirm it again, the Chinese New Year, the meat is full, and the whole head is full of flesh and blood. Ok, then let's communicate again, then we will start a long explanation. Poor my lame English. Almost the word is poor, but people are fundamental. Don't buy it, I said that it can be replaced with other brands. He will not agree. Nachi america buyer is really arrogant at this time, don't listen to any explanations from me, give me two choices either to ship immediately or refund other No Way! Ah, I have a variety of persuasion messages for two days a day. If people can have long tails, I can’t wait to shake people’s homes. After the return is a refund, and then simply urging me a refund every day, retreat, and I am afraid of Who. The rabbit is anxious to bite, and I don’t want to see you again. The meat to the mouth is so hard to fly, it’s really painful, okay, although I’m a lady, I’m still a bit tempered, so I’m not very keen on the refund, just when I’m just going to work. All of them, then this thing is hanging like this, anyway, I promised that he would refund the money and will definitely retreat when it will retreat, then nachi america buyer can take the initiative to send an email one day to ask me when to retire Tell me that I am not honest. At the beginning, I explained that I was too lazy to return, and then I returned the money to him. Originally, the story should be finished here, but after two days, my heart’s breath disappeared and I began to think about it. I started to be unsettled and started to want to do something. Don't ask me why, my heart has chewed and dazzled, I can't stop it~   nachi america

I haven’t been able to give up for so long, so I’ve been thinking for a long time and continue to write a letter of apology that denounces me in my lame English. I can't talk about it anyway. After I finished writing it, I felt that I was so sinful that I was so sinful. I didn’t know if the nachi america buyer was touched anyway. I was touched by myself. Anyway, the nachi america buyer did not move, forget to go with him, anyway, I just want to sigh. I thought that the days have passed, but the nachi america buyer has appeared again, nachi america
buyer told me he need other models of bearings, good, all good to say, then place an order, we must be ready for the speed of the bearing, and soon reconfirm the contract but pay At the time, the nachi america buyer was naughty again. Actually, nachi america buyer only wanted to pay the deposit of 100 US dollars before the payment was made. In fact, the total amount was a few hundred dollars. Ok, let's agree. Maybe I shouldn't be too capricious when I refunded. I haven’t bothered to say that there’s a lot of entanglement in the middle. After all, this story is almost finished here. In addition to the freight forwarding, I suddenly told me that the channel was stopped before the channel was over. Ten yuan is not too early to say that it will be smooth. Today, I decided to send the single number to the nachi america buyers. I hope that the goods will go smoothly into nachi america buyer's hands. Don’t leave the moths again (PS: I have already delivered it smoothly, I can finally sigh a long time. ~~~~~)

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