Cleaning and installation of nsk 6007 bearing

21 Published by admin Sep 17,2021

(1) When cleaning a large number of nsk 6007 bearings, first use hot machine oil at a temperature of 90-100 ℃ to melt the encapsulating oil. At the same time, dig out all the old oil with a seamless and non-swarming thing, and then blanch it for a few minutes , And then use kerosene to rinse off the engine oil, and then use gasoline to clean it again. After cleaning, wear film gloves and put nsk 6007 bearings on a clean cloth or paper on the workbench to dry.

(2) Before nsk 6007 bearing equipment, appropriate measuring tools should be used to check the processing quality of shafts, seat holes and related parts, such as standard accuracy, shape accuracy and surface roughness, according to the technical requirements on the design drawings.

(3) Open the nsk 6007 bearing package at the time of equipment, immerse it in the above gasoline and other liquids and rotate it gently by hand. Make sure that the holder, the tumbling body and the sealing oil on the surface of the raceway are cleaned.nsk 6007

(4) The surface of the equipment should be cleaned with clean gasoline, kerosene, toluene or xylene and other solutions, and wiped dry with a clean cloth, and then coated with a thin layer of lubricating oil, which will make the operation of the equipment more convenient.

(5) Note that nsk 6007 bearings with seals cannot be cleaned by this method, and the inside of the seal should be kept as it is and cannot be cleaned.

(6) The presence of bumps, burrs, rust spots or solid particles (such as abrasive debris, sand and mud) on the surface of the shaft and the bearing seat hole will not only make the nsk 6007 bearing equipment difficult and make the equipment orientation incorrect, And if the solid particles fall into the nsk 6007 bearing, it will have a grinding effect. When the nsk 6007 bearing rotates, it will abrade or scratch the working surface of the nsk 6007 bearing. Therefore, you must check carefully before the equipment. If you find the above shortcomings , Should be corrected. For example, use an oil file to remove burrs, raised bumps, and rust spots, and polish with a fine emery cloth. Another example is to clean solid particles and dirt.

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