Nsk 6303 is deep groove ball bearing

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Nsk 6303 is deep groove ball bearing,the bearing size is 17*47*14mm.
How to check 6303 bearing?
Nsk 6303 bearing acceptance inspection is usually divided into three categories, namely:
Routine inspection - Routine general inspection of nsk 6303 bearings upon arrival.
Routine inspection - Inspection of nsk 6303 bearing assembly related dimensions, rotation accuracy, bearing clearance and bearing residual magnetic strength.
Special inspection - check the vibration and noise quality of nsk 6303 bearings and other special requirements for bearings.nsk 6303
Nsk 6303 bearings vibrate
Nsk 6303 bearing vibration is very sensitive to bearing damage, such as spalling, indentation, corrosion, crack, wear and so on will be reflected in the bearing vibration measurement, so, through the use of a special bearing vibration measuring device (frequency analyzer, etc.) can be measured the size of the vibration, through the frequency can not be inferred from the specific circumstances of abnormal.The measured value varies with the use condition of the bearing or the installation position of the sensor, so it is necessary to analyze and compare the measured value of each machine before determining the judgment standard.nsk 6303
Nsk bearing temperature
6303 bearing temperature, the general bearing outdoor temperature can be inferred, if the use of oil hole can directly measure the bearing outer ring temperature, it is more appropriate.Usually, the temperature of the bearing starts to rise slowly as the bearing runs, and reaches a stable state 1-2 hours later.The normal temperature of the bearing varies with the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and load of the machine.If the lubrication and installation part are appropriate, the bearing temperature will rise sharply and abnormal high temperature will occur. At this time, the operation must stop and necessary preventive measures must be taken.
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