How to check nsk bearing quality?

106 Published by Sep 05,2019

When choosing bearings, we should not only consider the authenticity of bearings, but also carry out the nsk bearing quality, find faults and damage, and select good bearing products.
This is some method for how to check nsk bearing quality:
1,Check whether there are all kinds of mechanical scars on nsk bearing quality, such as abrasion, scratch, compression, collision, etc., which will cause poor bearing installation, eccentric load and stress concentration, resulting in inaccurate accuracy.

japan nsk bearing quality
2,If you want to check nsk bearing quality,bearing surface whether there is corrosion, black skin and pitting, the latter two are easy to store water and dirt defects, the most easy to develop into rust.Corrosion is a source of pollution that leads to poor installation, early wear and fatigue.
3,Carefully check whether there are various cracks on the nsk bearing quality, such as raw material cracks, forging cracks, heat treatment cracks and grinding cracks, etc., these cracks will become the stress concentration source and expand rapidly in the later bearing operation process, resulting in bearing fracture, which has a great impact on bearing life and work safety.

nsk bearing quality
4,Whether the coating on the surface of the nsk bearing quality has peeling and folding phenomenon, these two kinds of defects are not tightly bound to the base metal, and often around the different degrees of decarburization or carbon poor phenomenon, the material is easy to collapse, concave or abrasion, very adverse to the bearing life and accuracy.
5,The riveting or welding quality of the nsk bearing quality cage, mainly observe whether the rivet head is deviated, askew, slack, lack of meat or "double eyelid", whether the welding position is correct, the welding point is too big or too small, whether the welding is not firm or welding excessive caused by rolling phenomenon stuck.
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