NTN automotive bearings load and vibration

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NTN automotive bearings are widely used in the production of precision machinery for use in all fields.How to minimize friction coefficient and improve energy efficiency?This kind of precision, which used to be an extravagant hope, has been used in various fields of industrial sectors such as orbiting satellites, aviation, railway and automobile, paper making equipment, office equipment and food machinery.

japan ntn automotive bearings
The ntn automotive bearings of an automobile is usually a double-row ball bearing. When installing the ntn automotive bearings, if hammer is used for installation, or the bearing is installed into the bearing seat by pressing the inner ring of the bearing, it will cause damage to the raceway of the bearing on one side.
Load and vibration for ntn automotive bearings:
NTN automotive bearings swing load and variable load.Sometimes the direction and size of the load can not be accurately determined, for example, in high speed rotating machinery, in addition to the rotor weight is fixed in the direction of the load, there are unbalanced mass caused by the rotating load, if this rotating load is much larger than the fixed load, then its composite load is still a rotating load;If the rotational load is much smaller than the fixed load, the combined load is the oscillating load.

original ntn automotive bearings
Transition fit or interference fit shall be selected for the ring and shaft or seat hole rotating relative to the load direction.Interference size is based on the principle that when the bearing works under load, its ntn automotive bearings ring does not produce "creep" phenomenon on the mating surface of the shaft or the seat hole.And in the load is very light, or in the heavy load under the action of the ring couple has low speed rotation, can choose the transition fit, at this time the shaft surface should have higher hardness and smaller surface roughness.

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