Because I am not willing, so I have been insisting – customer procurement ntn nsk bearing

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When I first came, the website was in the period of reconstruction. Everything started from scratch. When I came, I was on the Alibaba website with my boss. Now our website is a child I raised by myself. I watched the website's data a little bit better. I watched the number of ntn nsk bearing products I made a little bit, about ntn nsk bearing. The enquiry also came in from the previous week to the present day. I didn't have anything when I took over this sub-account, not even a guest who could follow up. During this time, I have been working hard to send ntn nsk bearing products, I hope there can be more inquiries about ntn nsk bearing, the conversion rate of the inquiry can be higher. But the results are often so unsatisfactory. I feel that there are really many places that are not good enough to be able to make big orders. I dare to ask you, God, what good way to follow up with customers? Support you.ntn nsk bearing supplier

Because the website was rebuilt, I needed to find someone for the company. Just when my good friend was looking for a job, I introduced my friend to my company. In fact, the days of struggle with good friends are quite good. I feel that there are people around me, and I am practical! ! ! But my good friend chose to resign after fighting with me for three months. Because she has not made a bill for three months, she feels that the pressure on the days without orders is really too great. I remember the night before she resigned, I smiled and said, if you don't come to work tomorrow, but tomorrow your customer will come to you to buy ntn nsk bearing, will you come back? She said, is this still important? Maybe it’s really a godsend. On the first day of her resignation, there are really guests who come to buy ntn nsk bearing from her. Because the boss told me to take over her account temporarily, I helped her out a single order. For this matter, I also lamented one night. Is this a fate? If she stays for another day, is there a turning point? Oh, but the decision of a good friend, I can only support silently. I hope she will have a better development prospect in the future. Because I am not willing, I have been insisting. I remember that when I first joined the job, the boss and I said that after that, you will accompany me to fight together on the road of foreign trade. Oh, now, really, we are fighting.
Now, I am still working hard. Because I firmly believe that victory is in sight. Because I firmly believe that hope is ahead.

If you need ntn nsk bearing or any models of bearings, please contact me!

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