The first foreign trade big single (600,000) in the process of single–ntn usa corporation purchase NTN bearing

179 Published by admin Dec 12,2018

One day after work, the inexplicable ntn usa corporation added me Wechat. I said that I would bring a client of ntn usa corporation to our company for a few days. When I said that the price would require us to add 10 points, then I promised the customer, and I didn’t care much. As a result, one morning, the middleman called me and said that the customer who brought the ntn usa corporation to our company was really a big surprise for the baby, and then hurriedly received the ntn. The customers of usa corporation, there are two or three other people besides the middlemen, one of them is the big boss, the other is the son of the big boss, the customer with ntn usa corporation visited our factory, the client of ntn usa corporation It should be very satisfying to us, then I will put the prepared PPT to the customer, mainly to introduce the company briefly, and to show our customers our advantages - not only the producers of the equipment, but also the customers Various design solutions, at that time the customer should be very satisfied with the PPT we prepared, and then the customer also told Knowing some of his ideas, and then basically talking about it, the client of ntn usa corporation is gone. ntn bearing usa corporation

After the customer of ntn usa corporation left, I told the customer some requirements to tell the factory to confirm whether there is inventory, because the customer of ntn usa corporation had to wait half a month to purchase, but the customer asked us to keep it, in order to avoid other customers after purchase, the factory I asked for a deposit of 2,000 yuan with the client of the ntn usa corporation. I didn’t know how to tell the customer of ntn usa corporation at the time, but I still held the attitude of trying it out. I didn’t think that the customer also asked me why I didn’t ask it when I was at the company. I thought that this customer of ntn usa corporation definitely had a play, and then I could only explain with the customer that I was excited and forgotten. Asked, and then after a few minutes, the customer will call 2000 yuan. ntn usa corporation

Then the price is also listed in detail. At that time, I only sent a part of the price to the customer reference of ntn usa corporation. I hope that the customer can come back to the company before returning home. On the day when the customer returns to China, we have arrived at the customer. The purpose of the client of ntn usa corporation is to come here. To bargain, the day is still Sunday, the company does not go to work, but for this big customer, adding a class can not be anything, the customer is expected to come to the company again around two o'clock, to give customers a detailed introduction to our design, The quotation has been printed out. As a result, the customer of ntn usa corporation did not look at the quotation carefully. Directly said that he would cut 20 points. At that time, I wanted to hang it. I had to cut so much. Where can I make a deal? There are all kinds of grinds behind. I have to call the boss to apply, all kinds of concessions, various mental tactics, and finally, I have not reached the price requested by the customer. The customer is eager to catch the plane and ready to go. The customer is sitting in the car. Then I stare at the customer's car and prepare to see the customer leave. I am thinking about following this customer for a long time, working overtime to make a quotation, then All kinds of things are not easy. As a result, the customer is gone. At that time, my heart was really wronged, and then the tears came out without any disappointment. Then, at this time, the end of the 180-degree transition occurred. I was already sitting in the car. The customer in the company is said to have seen my eyes red, and then I quickly got off the bus and said that I have to place an order. First, I will give 10,000 pieces of cash as a deposit. I was stupid at the time. I didn’t know what happened, so I received ntn first. The usa corporation's customer had a deposit of 10,000 yuan, and then the customer of ntn usa corporation was asked to go to the hotel for a dinner, and then the customer of ntn usa corporation went to catch the plane and returned home.

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