The rough road of foreign trade: Arabic customers purchase original ina bearing

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In June 2014, the Alibaba Hundred Regiments opened, I think the most important thing for me is that the company gave us the opportunity to exercise for new people.The three days of sharing, surprise and moving were the 45 days most difficult to forget in my life. After the training, that is, on June 14, 2014, I received the first order on the foreign trade road about the original ina bearingthe value of the original ina bearing is 4,575 US dollars, that is the 40th day of my graduation work, and the 40th day of official foreign trade, I am very pleased with my breakthrough, and then I won two of the original ina bearing in the 45 days of the group. The sample of bearing, combined with the value of original ina bearing is about 1,500 US dollars, these breakthroughs also make me more firmly believe in foreign trade.original ina bearing supplier

However, the next road to foreign trade is also full of ruggedness, hardships and blows. After the joy, there will always be pain. In July, I picked up a sample of the original ina bearing of an Arab customer. At that time, I asked for air transportation. Since the customer had to go to Dubai for a business trip, he had to get the original ina bearing before July 28, and then the original ina bearingwere sent on the 21st. When I went to Shanghai for transshipment, I was inspected by the customs. I needed a magnetic test. I need a magnetic fee of 500 yuan. This fee is not included in the freight. When I tell the customer, the customer is very angry. I feel that we have not arranged well and have lost a lot of time. Worried that the original ina bearing sample could not be obtained before the 28th. At that time, the customer was called and the customer was angry on the phone. At that time, he had been euphemistically explaining to the customer. Fortunately, the customer would speak Chinese, so the communication was not so troublesome. In the WeChat, the customer explained in English, and finally the customer agreed to pay. Fortunately, before the 28th, the customer mentioned the original ina bearing sample, and expressed satisfaction with the original ina bearing sample, this paragraph has original ina bearing

The next time it was even worse, the sea was taken, but the customer saw his specific address on the contract. He thought that the air was transported by air. The total weight of the original ina bearing added up to more than 100 kilograms. Actual the value of the original ina bearing is only 600 US dollars, regardless of any customer will not take the air, the fault is also their own, self-proclaimed, did not specify with the customer, always thought that common sense customers should know, the results have been issued a week before the ship I emailed the customer and asked him to submit ISF information. Unfortunately, the customer was on vacation during the past few days. Later, I called him and explained it. He didn’t hear it clearly and told me that he could, so he drove the ship, and later When the National Day was over, the goods arrived at the port. The customer asked me what ISF was. I was really speechless at the time. The customer email was sent for a while, saying that we did not issue original ina bearing, and said that we are liar. Alibaba complained about us, and the original ina bearing payment method was Paypal. Paypal froze our money. It was really a blue sky. It was a toss when it didn’t go out for a whole National Day. At the same time, it was to Chicago. In an inland port, the customer misunderstood, thinking that he had to go to the big port of more than 1,000 miles to pick up the goods, and later advised the customer many times, and patiently explained that he finally I decided to reissue the ISF when I didn't arrive at the port. I didn't make any fines at the end. The customer had experience and I learned the lesson. However, Paypal didn't protect the shipping, so the payment of original ina bearing is still frozenstill freezes, and the customer is not willing to prove it. Arrival, so the follow-up also provided a lot of proof that Paypal agreed to retreat original ina bearing price.

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