Customers who have recovered because of my contempt for the small order: US customer purchase original koyo bearing

275 Published by Oct 10,2018

This customer is in the United States and received an inquiry about original koyo bearing on August 11. At first glance, it is a regular model. The customer gives a quantity of 50,000 pieces. It happens that we have stocks. I counted the price and reported it to the customer.The customer looked at the quotation and asked me to give him the FOB price: I do not understand the EX Works price. So I gave him the FOB price.Later, the customer confirmed the photos of original koyo bearing one by one, basically no problem, I sent him an invoice and I was ready to make a payment.

But the customer is: hi,king,can you send me 60pcs  to confirm they are correct before we place large order? It is certainly unrealistic to send a part of the past. The number of 60 of original koyo bearings is too low. The book owner will not agree. Because I carefully calculated, with the previous price and the number of 50,000, the purchase price is more than 2,000 US dollars, this small single less than 20,000 RMB is really original koyo bearing

After several confirmations and communication, the customer changed the size again. I re-reported the price, and the customer cut the price, which is a medium price. On August 20, the good customer confirmed that the order was placed. When I saw the quantity of 25000PCS of original koyo bearing, I was upset by the heart. I persuaded the customer to order 50,000 of original koyo bearing for many times. The customer insisted on pre-ordering 25,000 of original koyo Bearing. And I want to send an invoice in the past. Since this one is too small, I added the sea freight to the quotation. Of course, this freight has also increased by 30%. I sent the invoice again.
 I thought that the customer would pay the original koyo bearing soon. Because the value of the goods is only $1,100 but the shipping cost is almost $600.After the customer receives the new invoice, hi,dear,I sent you your invoice back.. Please see my notes.. I also put to take off freight cost as we will pay for freight.original koyo bearing supplier

Seeing the customer's mail, I don't feel furious, this is not the rhythm of knocking. Reduced the number of original koyo bearing, cut the price does not say, even the freight does not let us earn, the heart of the extreme fire, really a little impatient with this customer. Repressing the inner extremes, I re-issued the invoice for the customer without shipping. Of course, I also did some tricks in it. I deliberately did not indicate whether it was FOB or factory price in the original koyo bearing invoice.

I thought that after the customer saw the invoice of original koyo bearing, the deposit will be fixed. After all, this order is a small order oforiginal koyo bearing. Who knows that the customer saw the invoice of original koyo bearing and insisted that the sample of original koyo bearing needs to be sent before the deposit can be made. I am speechless, returning directly to the customer, playing the sample of original koyo bearing is no problem, the sample cost of original koyo bearing is 200 dollars.original koyo bearing

Later, there was a soft-hardened persuasion and customer bargaining. The final customer received a sample fee of $50 original koyo bearing, but the courier fee was paid by the customer. On August 26th, the customer paid a sample fee of $50 for the original koyo bearing to the Hong Kong account. The sample was prepared and the sample was sent out three days later.
On September 13th, the customer received the sample and the customer was very satisfied with the sample, but the middle disappeared for 3 days.

I finally received the water bill on September 27. The customer sent me his Chinese freight forwarding information, and the money was paid in two days. Start preparing original koyo bearing. After annoying for so long, I finally confirmed the order of original koyo bearing.

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