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flanged ball bearing high quality good price nsk 6203 bearing

Product Specification:

  • Structure Deep Groove
  • Type Ball
  • Brand Name NSK
  • Precision Rating P0, P6,P5,P4 P2
  • Material Chrome Steel
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flanged ball bearing high quality good price nsk 6203 bearing

flanged ball bearing nsk brand

An Over view of nsk 6203 bearing

flanged ball bearing high quality good price nsk 6203 bearing are the most typical rolling bearings with extensive applications. The raceways in both of the rings are in arc groove form, which can carry radial and axial load in double directions. They can be applied in situations where high-rotating speed and low noise and low vibration are required.

nsk 6203 bearing Bearing structure

flanged ball bearing high quality good price nsk 6203 bearing has simple structure, compared with other types of easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy, so easy to become series mass production, lower manufacturing costs, the use of very common. Deep groove ball bearing except basic types, there are various kinds of structural change, such as: deep groove ball bearings with dust cover, deep groove ball bearings with a rubber sealing ring, deep groove ball bearings with snap groove, deep groove ball bearings have high load capacity of ball filling gap, double deep groove ball bearings.

nsk 6203 bearing Types

Basic type; With snap ring groove on the outer ring (-N); With one shield (-Z) on one side or two shields (-2Z) on both sides; With one seal (-RS) on one side or two seals (-2RS) on both sides.

nsk 6203 bearing Cage material

Generally use steel stamping cage or solid brass cage. When the diameter is less than 400 mm, use steel stamping cage without rear code, solid brass multipurpose holder without rear code when the diameter greater than 400 mm.

nsk 6203 bearing Application

The nsk 6203 bearing can be found in  transmission, instrumentation, motors, household appliances automobiles, machine tools, motors, instruments, construction machines, railway vehicles, agricultural machines and various other special machines. 

nsk 6203 bearing


1,Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are factory.

2,Q: How long is your delivery time of flanged ball bearing high quality good price nsk 6203 bearing ?

A: Generally it is 3-5 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

3,Q: Do you provide samples of nsk 6203 bearing ? is it free or extra ?

A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

4,Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,pay the balance before shippment.

5, Q:Could you accept OEM and customize?

A:YES,we can customize for you according to sample or drawing.

6, Q: When can I get the price?
A:  after we get your inquiry, usually within 2-6 hours. Urgent will be faster.

7,Q:How about your quality of bearings of nsk 6203 bearing?

A:Our quality of bearings is based on ISO9001 and quality of bearing is our soul.

8, Q: What is the MOQ of your products?
A: Usually ≥1, According your demand.

9,Q: Will you check these products before shipment?

A: Yes, before shipment products will be strictly inspection on our factory QC Process System.We have a professional QC team.

10, Q: What will we do if If you are not satisfied with the product?
A: If have any abnormal, Please contact us at first time, we will immediately processing.

If you need the any brands or any models of bearings,please contact me!





Product   Model   Japan high precision nsk 6203 bearing for electric generator
Brand   NSK
Specification Size  17X40X12mm  
Material    Chrome steel GCr15/GCr15SiMn   Stainless steel 304 ,316 ,440C
Precision  P0(ABEC1), P6(ABEC3) ,P5(ABEC5,)P4(ABEC7), P2(ABEC9)
Clearance C0 C2 C3 C4
Vibration & Noisy Z1,Z2,Z3 V1,V2,V3
Cage Brass,Nylon,Steel 
Seal / Cover  ZZ  2RS  RZ  NR N 
Application Steel Industry, Mining&Construction, Paper making Machinery,vibrating screens, shakers, conveyors,
Features: high precision, high speed, long life, high reliability,  low noise  

d nsk 6203 bearing-1

Model Bore Size (mm) Outside Diameter (mm) Breadth (mm)
6200/6200-2Z/6200-2RS Bearing 10 30 9
6201/6201-2Z/6201-2RS Bearing 12 32 10
6202/6202-2Z/6202-2RS Bearing 15 35 11
6203/6203-2Z/6203-2RS Bearing 17 40 12
6204/6204-2Z/6204-2RS Bearing 20 47 14
6205/6205-2Z/6205-2RS Bearing 25 52 15
6206/6206-2Z/6206-2RS Bearing 30 62 16
6207/6207-2Z/6207-2RS Bearing 35 72 17
6208/6208-2Z/6208-2RS Bearing 40 80 18
6209/6209-2Z/6209-2RS Bearing 45 85 19
6210/6210-2Z/6210-2RS Bearing 50 90 20
6211/6211-2Z/6211-2RS Bearing 55 100 21
6212/6212-2Z/6212-2RS Bearing 60 110 22
6213/6213-2Z/6213-2RS Bearing 65 120 23
6214/6214-2Z/6214-2RS Bearing 70 125 24
6215/6215-2Z/6215-2RS Bearing 75 135 25
6216/6216-2Z/6216-2RS Bearing 80 140 26
6217/6217-2Z/6217-2RS Bearing 85 150 27
6218/6218-2Z/6218-2RS Bearing 90 160 28
6219/6219-2Z/6219-2RS Bearing 95 170 32
6220/6220-2Z/6220-2RS Bearing 100 180 34
6221/6221-2Z/6221-2RS Bearing 105 190 36
6222/6222-2Z/6222-2RS Bearing 110 200 38
6224/6224-2Z/6224-2RS Bearing 120 215 40
6226/6226-2Z/6226-2RS Bearing 130 230 40
6228/6228-2Z/6228-2RS Bearing 140 250 42
6230/6230-2Z/6230-2RS Bearing 150 270 45
6232/6232-2Z/6232-2RS Bearing 160 290 48
6234/6234-2Z/6234-2RS Bearing 170 310 52
6236/6236-2Z/6236-2RS Bearing 180 320 52
6238/6238-2Z/6238-2RS Bearing 190 340 55
6240/6240-2Z/6240-2RS Bearing 200 360 58
6244/6244-2Z/6244-2RS Bearing 220 400 65

 nsk 6203 bearing-2 nsk 6203 bearing-3 nsk 6203 bearing-4

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