My proud German uncle buys roller bearing nsk after checked our quality

281 Published by admin Oct 25,2018

On July 24th, 2015, Fenghe Ri Li, on Friday, the company's backbone went out to train, and I have several colleagues who have just arrived in the office. Generally, there is no mood to work on Friday, or it is to write a report, the customer follows up and then organizes the materials and other weekend breaks. Just when I was bored, trademange showed customer information. At first glance, it was a German customer, referred to as A, A. I introduced myself as soon as I came up, and said that I knew our company. I saw the spirit of the moment, and later I learned about him. I used to buy our roller bearing nsk products from a Polish customer. I feel that the quality is very good, and then I came directly to the door.

The first contact with German customers, I don't know that they are so rigorous, the customer wants to take the sample of roller bearing nsk, but the style is more than ten, I always advise customers not to buy so many roller bearing nsk samples at one time. . Later, the customer was a little angry, saying that the Germans did not like others to change their ideas, and then I went to the boss and applied for a sample of the roller bearing nsk. The boss saw the customer website and felt that the quality was good, and agreed. Then on Saturday morning, I waited for the price of the roller bearing nsk. On Saturday afternoon, I worked over the sample PI of the roller bearing nsk. At night, the PI of the roller bearing nsk had to be modified, and the modification was good at 12 o'clock in the evening. The roller bearing nsk's PI has passed, and the customer's payment email was received at 6:00 am the next day. Then my heart is still secretly hilarious, it is rare to meet a prospective customer, and the payment is still timely. roller bearing nsk

Then the sample of the roller bearing nsk was sent on Monday, and the sample of the roller bearing nsk took about 7 days to reach the customer. The customer was quite good at our roller bearing nsk test, then took a vacation at home on September 3, the customer called and was very happy to say to me, Gracei, we won the tender. Then I pretended to be very calm Congratulations to him, then asked me to ask him for the delivery of the roller bearing nsk, some details such as sea freight, I told the customer that we were on holiday, now I think I am really stupid enough, I actually The customer said that we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the anti-fascist and then took a holiday. The customer didn't pick me up. I told him to reply to him after returning to the company. Then I realized that my stupidity was not saved.

Then on September 7th, I went back to the company and began to confirm some delivery dates and recommended a freight forwarder to the customer. I thought that the order customer of the roller bearing nsk was confirmed, and then the customer said that his customer looked at another roller. Bearing nsk asks for the quotation and then re-sends the sample, then I don't realize that the customer needs to look at another roller bearing nsk, because we have been talking about the other two roller bearing nsk, so the quotation is not very timely, then A is angry Ah, so I always felt that A was very grumpy, and then I certainly didn’t have a hard time with him. After all, I knew his temper~~~ Then I sent an email to the new roller bearing nsk that night. Then I went home and sent my whatsapp to me, saying thank you to me, and then I slowly learned that he is easy to get angry, but he will not avenge, but still communicate well. roller bearing nsk in China

On September 18th, I got off work soon, the boss came to the customer and the whole company went to dinner. Then A customer sent me a message to confirm the model of some roller bearing nsk. We have the goods, and we are replying all the way. He, after eating fast, I am embarrassed to see the phone, I asked the customer to send me an email. After returning to dinner, I received an email from the customer saying that I had to place an order for the roller bearing nsk and determined the model of some roller bearing nsk.

On September 24th, the customer gave the final roller bearing nsk PI, the customer confirmed the same day, and replied to the next day payment.

On September 25, I contacted the customer, did not contact, and received the news from the customer in the middle of the next morning, saying that the payment had been made, and the next day I sent the water bill.

On September 26, I received a water bill from the customer roller bearing nsk. The entire order is down for 2 months.

Throughout the communication process, I still feel that the timeliness of communication with customers is very important. Now A is also one of my current relatively large customers, and I hope that we can make progress together and develop together.

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