She used this to win the market and customers of sealed needle bearings

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I dare to admit the problem, sincerely let me win the return of the sealed needle bearings

A customer purchased sealed needle bearings. At that time, the target price given by the customer was very low. I think the customer was cheaper sealed needle bearings. So I found the cheapest and uncooperative factory to report the price of sealed needle bearings. Samples of sealed needle bearings are required after receiving the quotation.

The quality of the sample given by the factory was not very good, but it was sent to the customer with a mentality of trying. I did not expect that the sample of the sealed needle bearings was passed by the customer and received an order of 5000 PCS. The delivery time was only 10 days very urgent.sealed needle bearings

Although it was not available for more than 20 days because of the lack of materials in the environmental protection packaging factory, the customer also expressed understanding. The delay in the middle for so long, the factory is far away, there is no time to go to the factory to see the board, there is no request for board, the factory sent a few photos and rushed delivery.

As a result, the company found that the packaging was much larger than the sample of sealed needle bearings that I sent to customers at that time. I immediately called the customer. After two days of entanglement, the customer told me to change the packaging of sealed needle bearings. The customer also communicated many times and gave a lot of suggestions.

The goods are not right. It can be said that foreign trade is more difficult to solve. The customer received the goods incorrectly, which brought a lot of trouble to the later stage. This time we also learned the lesson. I really can’t ignore the sealed needle because the customer urged it. The quality of the bearings must be agreed and confirmed by the customer before they can be shipped.needle roller bearing

Calm down for a few days, the problem still has to be solved. First of all, I apologize and tell the other person that I understand his feelings very well, with a few explanations:

1. The packaging of the sealed needle bearings sometimes has some differences in color. The order of the next sealed needle bearings I try to ensure no color difference.
2. Different shapes come from different models, which is normal in the factory. The main problem is that the material of the outer casing is not enough.
3. The most important point is that China's environmental protection has led many factories to close unconditionally.
4. We keep our attention on the delivery date and ignore the quality of the product.
5. I have talked with the factory, they promise to use the same model machine to produce sealed needle bearings next time, we will pay more attention to your order.

The customer is very satisfied with our apology and explanation. After receiving the order of the sealed needle bearings, the customer is also very satisfied.

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