Use quick reply to win 500,000 orders in 7 days through sealed roller bearings

267 Published by admin Jun 26,2018

The time is now 5:56 am. Since receiving the customer's prepaid of sealed roller bearings bills last night, my heart is still restless. Until I see the incoming information, I feel relieved.

It's hard to believe that this new customer has finalized the order for 50 renminbi in less than a week.
In the past, I watched what people said quickly and quickly, and I felt that it was a matter of luck. Because not every customer, every order was processed so quickly. Although I still think that I am lucky, I cannot ignore the importance of applying the correct method.

Today, I would like to share this experience of customer luck.

sealed roller bearings-1

On the evening of March 13th, we received an enquiry from Russia. We clearly requested several product models of sealed roller bearings . Obviously, the customer has already studied our website.

The client's purpose is very strong, and there are no extra amateur issues, indicating that professionalism is stronger than the average client. Checked the website, the customer is a very close customer. With this foundation, the next negotiation becomes more professional.

After receiving the inquiry, I immediately responded to the customer's e-mail and informed that two of them were not currently in stock, and the remaining products were later sent to the customer by quotation.

As a result, five products, from specifications to packing information, were issued in the evening and the customer also confirmed that he had received it. He also seemed to be surprised and did not expect it to be so fast.

Next, as long as the customer sends an e-mail, I can immediately return the e-mail immediately. If not, I will tell the customer when I can provide information to him. Of course, the completion time can be completed within expectations.Seamless butting communication, quick reply, allowing customers to have forgotten the jet lag.

The next day, while the customer was not at work yet, I immediately sent it to the customer with a group e-mail. At the same time, he also sent out the differences between our company's products and other companies, allowing customers to feel more comfortable with our products and reduce their concerns about product quality. It also increases the professionalism of our company.

sealed roller bearings-2

In the evening, the customer’s reply was received, thanks to the group’s e-mail information, and the second was to confirm the number of five products.

This before and after the arrival and arrival, to the 17th to confirm the final number of orders, and because of weekend reasons, until March 20th finally received the customer's confirmation of PI.

Later, because of the reasons for going to the exhibition, only one email was sent for customers to sign, but in fact they wanted to ask for money. The customer also gave me a positive reply. The order has been confirmed. Please do not Worried, but at the moment, I need to say hello to the customs, that is, to make a record with the customs.When I saw the customer's words, I was less worried.

And last night was April 5th, and I received a list of customer finances of sealed roller bearings . Then I thought that this customer would be a single speed so fast. Would it be a liar? Of course, I just thought that I did not make any question about the customer's actions. 

Until now, after receiving the account credit information, my heart was practical.

If you need any brands or any models of bearings, please contact me!

Contact: Grace
MP/Whatsapp: 008618668903871

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