How to check skf bearing images?

87 Published by May 08,2019

When using SKF bearings, we must first check the skf bearing images to determine.Not in accordance with the standards we have requested. Let's check out the section below and everyone.Inspection of skf bearing images should be carried out under astigmatism, and the appearance, cracks and other parts of the bearing should be carefully observed.

1, skf bearing images of various mechanical scars, such as abrasions, scratches, crushes, bumps, etc., will cause poor bearing installation, causing eccentric load and stress concentration, resulting in decreased rotation accuracy and service life.

2, skf bearing images of rust, black skin and pitting, the latter two are easy to store moisture and dirt defects, the most easy to develop into rust. The rust is a source of pollution that leads to poor installation, early wear and fatigue.Severe rust can cause the bearing to be scrapped.skf bearing images

3, skf bearing images of various cracks, such as raw material cracks, forging cracks, heat treatment cracks and grinding cracks, etc., these cracks will become a stress concentration source and expand rapidly after the operation of the bearing, causing bearing cracking, Bearing life and 1 for safety are extremely impressive. In fact, for important bearings, bearings, 100% magnetic or radiographic components have been applied to the components.

4, skf bearing images of peeling and folding, the two defects are not firmly bonded to the base metal, and there are often decarburization or carbon depletion around them, the material is prone to collapse, undercut or wear, Bearing life and accuracy are unfavorable.skf bearing

5, skf bearing images of the cage riveting or welding quality, mainly to observe whether the rivet head is biased, skewed, loose pool, lack of meat or "double eyelids, welding position is correct, solder joints are too large or too small, is there poor soldering or excessive soldering causes jamming of the rolling elements.

The above items are the part of our inspection of SKF bearings, except for the above inspections.
In addition to the other parts, if the quality is not good, such as skf bearing images of fascination damage, should be considered as defective, serious can not be accepted.

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