Do you know the requirements of the skf bearing industries?

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1) skf bearing industries requirements for installation surface and installation site
If SKF bearings have foreign matter such as iron filings, burrs, dust, etc., the SKF bearings will generate noise and vibration during operation, and even damage the raceways and rolling elements. Therefore, before installing skf bearing industries bearings, we must ensure that the mounting surface and installation environment are clean.

2) skf bearing industries requirements before installation
Skf bearing industries surface of the bearing is coated with anti-rust oil. We must clean it with clean gasoline or kerosene, and then apply it with clean high-quality or high-speed high-temperature grease. The effect of cleanliness on skf bearing industries bearing life and vibration noise is very large. But that the fully enclosed skf bearing industries bearings do not need to be cleaned and refueled.skf bearing industries

3) skf bearing industries
When lubricating, the more grease is applied, the better. This is a common misconception. Excessive grease in the bearings and SKF bearing chambers will cause excessive agitation of the grease, resulting in extremely high temperatures. Skf bearing industries The number of bearing filling lubricants is preferably 1/2 to 1/3 of the internal space of the SKF bearing, and should be reduced to 1/3 at high speed.

4) skf bearing industries bearing installation and disassembly
Do not directly hammer the bearing end face and the non-stress surface during installation. The bearing should be evenly stressed by the clamp, sleeve or other installation tools. Do not install by the rolling element transmission force. If the mounting surface is coated with oil, it will make the installation smoother. If the interference is large, the skf bearing industries bearing should be placed in mineral oil and heated to 80~90 °C and installed as soon as possible. The oil temperature should not be strictly controlled to exceed 100 °C to prevent the tempering effect from decreasing and affecting dimensional recovery. When disassembling is difficult, it is recommended that you use the disassembly tool to pull outward while carefully pouring hot oil onto the inner ring. The heat will cause the inner ring of the SKF bearing to expand, making it easier to fall off.

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