How to make Strange temper customer buy skf radial bearing?

168 Published by admin May 07,2019

The RFQ of Malaysian customers is very simple, saying that he needs skf radial bearing and will participate in the Canton Fair soon. At that time, I sent a picture of skf radial bearing and hoped to invite him to the factory.But the reply is sinking into the sea....

My habit is that after the system replies to the RFQ, it will send it to the customer again with its own email hotmail and gmail, but there is still no customer reply. At that time, there was no customer, and the product was annoying. I have to follow up the RFQ that was successfully sent before turning it out. However, there are still relatively few customer responses, and occasionally one or two, are not very intentional. Tell everyone at this point, persistence is victory!

 Ten days later, after sending 4 emails of skf radial bearing to the customer, they received a call from the customer to go to the factory to see the factory. I was stupid, and I forgot this customer. I still don't know how he knows my number. Holding the customer from the station with a very embarrassing mood, because I don’t know what type of skf radial bearing the customer wants, because the customer said that the English is not standard, then I am not familiar with skf radial bearing, just like this, ok, Ok took the customer over. At that time, even if the customer wanted skf radial bearing, it would be over. . .skf bearing

 At that time, the customer really took a skf radial bearing. He had already proofed at the Foshan factory before, but the customer was not satisfied and found us. This customer's temper is very weird. As long as he is dissatisfied with a sentence, he will be thunderous, and the little heart can't stand it.

The customer stayed at the factory for two days, talked about the price of skf radial bearing, talked about the sample of skf radial bearing, talked about the delivery of skf radial bearing and so on. . . In addition to arranging accommodation, special diets are arranged in the evening, as well as KTV entertainment. The boss took a lot of colleagues who were active in the factory, and then the customer felt that our factory was like a family, and the atmosphere was very satisfying.

There were also several contradictions in the middle of the road, because the Foshan factory did not give him a refund. He paid tens of thousands of deposits and could not get it back. Although he was in a particularly bad mood, he was especially alert to our factory. Although he did not help him solve the problem, but once we rushed to Guangzhou to send him to the airport overnight, he is very grateful!skf radial bearing

When he came to China for the second time, he gave me a few more orders of skf radial bearing. They are all extremely high-priced skf radial bearing. The factory is very cooperative with customers, so customers trust us very much.

Saying that the customer's temper is not only the commanding tone of speaking, but also the behavior. He never replies to my mail, they all call, and then the standard English makes it very difficult for me to confirm what he said, and the mail. I don't reply, so it makes me very depressed. Every day I said that I was very busy. After a few words, I cut the line and said that you decided to be fine.

Although it was difficult for the customer to mess up and the goods were not completely finished, he gave me a skf radial bearing of $140,000. This is the biggest list I think is in RFQ.

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