Did you hear about skf timken bearings?

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Skf timken bearings are both famous brand bearings in all over the world.Skf timken iron conical roller bearings have been well received in the domestic and international markets and have received a lot of praise.The bearing technology of Timken company is the world's leading, and the bearing material adopts the world's recognized excellent varieties. In the production process, Timken company has a very strict management system and management system, as well as the corresponding supervision and inspection mechanism.So the Timken bearings have good quality assurance.

skf timken bearing
With the continuous development of technology, skf timken is now the world's manufacturer of high-quality bearings, which is recognized by relevant industries around the world.It is possible to see skf timken bearings working anywhere in the world where there is equipment running and power transmission.As for the Timken bearing itself, it has a total of 230 types and 26,000 tapered roller bearings of different specifications, which have played a great role in the equipment and power fields of various countries in the world.Today, Timken bearings are increasingly used in many important fields, such as aircraft engines, aircraft wings, lubricators and railways.
In addition to rolling bearings, skf timken bearing also manufacture linear bearings, sliding bearings, bearing boxes, ball and roller screws, textile machinery parts, retainers, machine tools and various precision machinery parts.Having gained extensive experience in the above fields, he has the necessary knowledge and expertise to develop, manufacture and apply a wide range of advanced engineering products.

original skf timken bearing
Skf timken bearing application industry:
<1> mining, dressing and cement
<2> motors and generators
< 3 > wind power
< 4 > industrial pump
<5> industrial transmission
<6> industrial fan
<7> aerospace
< > 8 buildings
< 9 > two rounds of car
<10> roller skating
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