My story with my Italy client about swiss gold ceramic bearings

78 Published by admin Nov 13,2019

The customer contacted and followed up in May this year whose from Italy, placed orders of swiss gold ceramic bearings in mid-June, and shipped in early July.

In the beginning, the customer’s inquiry of swiss gold ceramic bearings was clear. He inquired about the swiss gold ceramic bearings and marked the required model and size. At the beginning, I didn’t treat customers with special treatment, but it is definitely the same as all inquiries of swiss gold ceramic bearings.In response to customer needs, I have provided our product specifications and gold ceramic bearings

The clear goal of the customer is to have our main swiss gold ceramic bearings. Although the customer does not want regular specifications and frequency, we welcome the challenging customers.

What surprised me a lot is that the first time customers cooperate with us, they have three products, each of which has 6000 pcs swiss gold ceramic bearings. This is very surprising to me for the first time! I am also touched by the trust of customers. So I cherish this customer very much. Whenever the customer sends a message in skype or email, I respond promptly. For the customer’s own reasons, the customer offered 30% to pay the US dollar and 70% to pay the RMB. We have no opinion at all. Customers have agents in China, and it is very convenient for them to pay RMB.

If you need any brand bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

Contact: Grace
MP/Whatsapp: +8618668903871

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