Awkward experience: French customers buy timken axle bearings

190 Published by admin Jul 03,2018

I received an email at the end of last year. The customer said that he saw our products of timken axle bearings on Ali International Station. He is interested in timken axle bearings and wants to add my Skype chat. I am very happy to receive emails. Few customers are willing to take the initiative to add Skype, and I ask them every time. This is a French customer. I have never sold a French customer before, and I don't know French, and his English is not good. I heard from my colleagues that the French client was particularly dragged, but I didn't take my colleague's words in my heart and I just wanted to take it.timken axle bearings-1

Due to jet lag and other reasons, I don't have a lot of opportunities to chat with customers, so customers will always ask me questions of timken axle bearings at once. At the beginning, he said that he is interested in our products of timken axle bearings, and he is willing to purchase, let me quote him. Because the number of timken axle bearings customer reports is large, I directly gave him a very favorable price of timken axle bearings. After less than a week, the customer ignored me. I saw him on Skype several times and asked him, but he didn't give any response. At that time, I just started working foreign trade. I don’t think customers want to buy them. They just asked for prices. Maybe customers are not satisfied with our prices. Plus the customer didn't even give a response, I think he is very rude, so I just want to give up!

When I lost contact with the customer for nearly two months, in April, I received an email from France. The customer has our quotation of timken axle bearings , I guess it is that customer, but the mailbox and the name are not him. So I asked the customer on Skype, this person is him or not , he did not return to me. But on the mail, my client and I have been discussing the issue of price and packing of timken axle bearings . In the end, the customer still said that he wanted such a large number of timken axle bearings, and hoped that we could give a little discount on the basis of the last price. I think a large quantity of timken axle bearings, so I discussed it with the boss and it was a bit cheaper. The price is finally settled.timken axle bearings-2

After that, we talked about the problem of doing PI and payment of timken axle bearings , so this is a bit of hope. Everyone knows that no payment is not counted as a single, so in the nearly ten days after the customer said that the payment is ready to be paid, my heart is particularly tormented, for fear of any mistakes in the middle. In the middle I also asked the French customer through Skype. He knows that I am very happy with the success of the transaction. But I am confused. Why is it that he is contacting me on Skype? It is not him who contacted me on the mail. Who is that person? In short, I am dubious in the process of trading, and I always feel that their behavior is very weird. I didn’t let my heart down until I received the payment of timken axle bearings  .

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