Timken dubai bearing introductions

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More than 100 years ago,TIMKEN bearing pledged to uphold the highest ethical and ethical standards in its business operations.Henry.TIMKEN, founder of TIMKEN bearings, said, "if you have an idea that you think is right, stick to itBut it's important not to do anything that puts your name to shame."This spirit has now become the core values of timken dubai bearing.

timken dubai bearing
Different kinds of timken dubai bearings:
The timken dubai angular contact ball bearing is designed for a combination of radial and axial loads.Single row bearings have high one-way thrust capability.Some single row timken dubai bearings are specially designed for complete bi-directional mounting for optimum performance.
The special geometrical dimensions of the groove and groove shoulder of angular contact bearings create a ball contact angle that can withstand higher axial loads.In the design of the different from the contact angle of 20 ° to 40 °.aarge contact angle can provide greater axial load capacity and longer service life under axial and radial loads.
The timken dubai radial ball bearing USES a universal design that allows relatively high speed operation under large load conditions.The bearing consists of an inner ring, an outer ring and a cage with a set of precision balls.
Standard konrad bearings have a deep groove structure that can carry both radial and axial loads in either direction.The maximum load type mainly supports the radial load.

bearing timken dubai
From ultra light to heavy series, offering a very wide range of sizes.Multiple protection and sealing Settings help to protect the internal bearing components and keep the lubricant.
Typical application of timken dubai bearing: gear box, continuous casting machine, aggregate, vibrating screen, transmission belt, industrial fan, etc.Size series and type of holder: outside diameter "400mm EJ, EM and EMB outside diameter" 400mm YM, YMB, YMD and YP optional features :W33 outer ring with lubrication groove and lubrication hole W800 specially developed for vibration application K bearing inner bore is tapered.
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