After a wave of twists and turns, customers buy TIMKEN seals

279 Published by admin Jul 02,2018

The first inquiry was sent in June. There are many styles of TIMKEN seals to be quoted in the inquiry. There are many models of TIMKEN seals. After asking for the request, there was no audio after the quotation. Two months later, two requests for TIMKEN seals were issued and asked if we could export to Europe and the factory. Separate quotes are required. The prices of all permutations and combinations are reported. The single customer does not respond immediately. After half a month, four samples were requested.timken seals-1

After half a month, the customer expressed satisfaction with the quality of TIMKEN seals but was critical of the price. On the basis of having a competitor, the prices were repeatedly lowered. Later he helped him apply for a price. After the price reached an agreement, the customer was not satisfied with the payer of TIMKEN seals. After negotiating with each other, the customer finally paid 30% T/T, and the customer paid the balance after packing the goods. When signing the contract, the customer pressed tightly during the delivery period. The latest shipment date was November 8, which means that we must ship at the end of October. The contract states that if there is any delay, a fine of 5% will be imposed. After several rounds of communication in the end, the schedule was too tight to accept orders. The schedule changed to November 14/15.

The time for prenatal proofing is very tight and will not make concessions. Every detail must be emphasized many times, for fear of one point error. I almost always send emails to ask about production, and I am worried about the progress of TIMKEN seals.timken seals-2

The quotations of TIMKEN seals had procedures that were missing, so that the customers seized them and caused us to make concessions. When the logistics company was selected for pre-delivery confirmation, the problem of aging was ignored, causing the sample of TIMKEN seals to reach the customer's hands one week later than expected. Due to the delay of the TIMKEN seals delivery time, the customer did not confirm it in time, resulting in a delivery delay (7 days).

When the customer gave me an email back,I could see that the customer was very angry. Although the customer is rushing, it is also his own negligence. Then step by step to be aware of the situation and move the reason to convince the client to accept a change or delay. The customer is still better to say, but also apologized for his reminder. In order to express his sincerity, he sent a small gift to the customer to apologize before the goods were delivered.

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