Did you hear about what is koyo bearing?

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What is koyo bearings?
Koyo co., LTD., based on the production of bearings known as "industrial rice", has become the top bearing manufacturer in Japan and even the world after decades of development.
What is koyo bearing?
Koyo bearing is cooperating with local suppliers, partners and agents in China, and making unremitting efforts to provide domestic and foreign customers with rich and high-quality products and sincere services.
What is koyo bearing?

what is koyo bearing

Koyo co., LTD. (Koyo) is a world's third largest comprehensive bearing manufacturer with a long history and culture in Japan.
Koyo bearing co., LTD., as a research and development comprehensive functional product manufacturing company, is committed to making contributions to the increasingly perfect coordination between human and earth, society and automobile through the manufacturing of automobile bearing, steering gear and its parts.
What is koyo bearing?
The business items of Japan koyo seiko co., LTD. Include bearing, automobile steering gear, automobile instrument, constant speed universal joint, oil seal, working machinery, industrial heat treatment furnace and electronic controller, etc.The company has greatly improved the production capacity of overseas automobile steering gear, and has set up steering gear production bases in Thailand, Malaysia, India, South Korea and China, becoming the first and second largest automobile steering gear system manufacturer in Japan and the world.

what is koyo

What is koyo bearing?
With full enthusiasm, professional technology and reliable quality, Koyo bearing will continue to contribute its own light and heat to the development of Chinese industry, environmental protection and the realization of the "Chinese dream".

What is koyo bearing?
Japan KOYO seiko co., ltd. produces tens of thousands of high-precision and high-quality KOYO bearing series products, providing related aerospace technology, computer components, motors, high-speed trains, locomotive industry, iron and steel industry...And other important components, make the best choice.
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