Russian customers tell you where to buy KOYO bearings

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About 14:33 in the afternoon, the customer sent me an inquiry

Inquiry inside revealed the buyer's identity information; detailed description of the product details, in our bearing industry, has met four major quoting elements: model, material, brand, quantity, can already quote; and customer inquiry directly asked for payment The method indicates that the customer is actually in need of the product in the near future and wants to confirm the order as soon as possible.Finally, after the enquiry, the client disclosed a message: Previous experience with other suppliers had been poor, and 2,000 products had been picked up from other suppliers. Explain that the customer's product is a regular demand product and has had purchasing experience, and like this size, 2000 valuations have more than 10 million, the amount is more objective, in our bearing industry is equivalent to a medium-sized customers. 

Russian customers tell you where to buy KOYO bearings

 where to buy koyo bearings
At that time, I was playing outside on the weekends. I just downloaded the Ali seller on the mobile phone. After receiving the email, I quickly returned to the client and said that I had received the inquiry. Once I verified the quotation, I emailed him.

After I contacted the boss, the boss gave me the verification quotation at the first time.Because the customer is watching online now, I copied the quotation to the customer online after the quotation on the mailbox, so that the client can be more timely and choose the way to reply.

After receiving the first quotation, the customer told us that our price was too high. After seeing it, I didn’t worry, thank you for your feedback.and it's a bit regret for high prices.Next, ask the customer whether he can give the target price so that he can meet the company's target price with the company's application.

Russian customers tell you where to buy KOYO bearings

Generally speaking, customers who can give you the target price are quite sincere and also have the desire to cooperate. They analyze the target price given by the customer, and calculate the profit to the customer according to the target price. (There are several raw material cooperation manufacturers. The home is divided into: high quality, medium, low, and high, medium, and low prices. There are various types of raw material manufacturers that can meet different customer requirements.) Explain that the customer's target price is not indiscriminate, not to pry into your low prices. It is indeed a more realistic target price.

where to buy koyo bearings
Considering that there are more suppliers for this comparison, it is guessed that there should be about 20-30, and the single is also in urgent need of confirmation. The boss told me that he can satisfy him.
After the customer receives confirmation that he can follow his target price, he next communicates the conditions of the delivery period.
The customer added Whatsapp and waited for the packaging details of the product the next day. After communicating on the package the next day, the customer finally put down the payment.

Russian customers tell you where to buy KOYO bearings

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