Most popular skateboard bearing–bones longboard bearings

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Bones longboard bearings square measure the leader in roller skating and skateboarding and skating,and arethe well-liked bearingfor skilled U.S.skaters since it absolutely was developed in 1983.In the past eighteen years,bones longboard bearings complete of SOC has become legendary within the international athletics world because of its superior speed,quality and repair life.

bones longboard 608 bearings
Bones longboard bearings square measure superior to alternative bearings because we have a tendency to develop and style Bones Swiss and Bones reds for skating supported the skateboard atmosphere,skate bearings embody special skateboard elements,lubricants,tolerances.Its elements are tested and used.they will face up to the impact of landing from position,high load on the aspect of steering and mud influence of skateboard atmosphere.

As a result, Bones skips quicker and lives longer than alternative bearings.If we have a tendency to provide Bones ABEC a grade, it's about to wipe out all the enhancements that we've created in our efforts to form these special bearings and also variations between Bones and ABEC industrial bearings.As there is no appropriate ABEC grade to replicate the superior quality, we have a tendency to provide skate bearings their own grade customary, that is, special bearing for skating.

608 bones longboard bearingsbones longboard bearings 608
Skate bearingsis glorious to be a complete closely-held by world-famous skateboard company. BONES SKATEONE's 2 most renowned product square measure wheels and bearings.
There square measure 100S recipes (S is brief for STANDARD)
OG formula (OG is brief for ORIGINAL)
There is STREET school FORMULA.
There square measure law enforcement agency FORMULA beneath "ALL parcel of land FORMULA" and there square measure many styles specially developed for skateboarders.
These wheels are deeply like slippery, arguably the simplest skateboard wheels,and shut to the performance of the skateboard wheel.
Jinan Maolei Bearing Co.,Ltd is sales agent for the bones longboard bearings,our bearings is original USA.If you need bones longboard bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!
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