Bones 608 bearing

Bones 608 bearing ceramic skate bearings ar the foremost appropriate one on the skateboard. once tens of voluminous skateboarders and therefore the continuous improvement of the particular use of high strength and high impact resistance, this type of bearings become the Skateboard dedicated bearing.ceramic skate bearings-1
Bones ceramic skate bearings is appropriate for skateboard,there square measure 3 forms of materials of it:hybrid ceramic,full stainless steel,full stainless-steel material. it's the foremost common within the stake market.It has options of high speed,corrosion resistance, low noise, high exactitude, acid and alkali resistant and long service life,we agent the BONES SKATE bearings a few yearsChrome steel is meant specifically for skating and inline sport impact, high strength metallic element steel bearings, with glorious anti-side load capability and high speed (24 degrees astronomer at seventy p.c ratio surroundings 2000-1800 slowing period is three minutes).ceramic skate bearings-1

This kind of 608 beraings ar hybrid ceramic skate bearings. every bearing consists of seven high strength and preciseness of the chemical element chemical compound ceramic beads rather than the opposite stainless-steel ball, that is recognized because the world's best skating bearings.
Ceramic balls of life itself truly longer than the bearing steel ring, it may be wont to replace one get rims, ceramic balls will still use.
The Bones ceramic skate bearings are quick, long lastiong, and straightforward to wash. These ceramic balls ar lighter, harder, stronger, waterproof, and longer lasting than the best steel balls.

ceramic skate bearings

Jinan Maolei Bearng as a agent of bones ceramic skate bearings.

Both of BONES REDS bearing and BONES SWISS bearings ar on the market in our company.

Materials of bones bearings bearing:

full chrome steel:chrome steel rings+chrome steel balls.

Hybrid ceramic:chrome steel rings+Sin3N4 ceramic balls;chrome steel rings+Zro2 ceramic balls

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