Have you ever heard of anti friction bearing?

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An anti friction bearing that operates below slippery friction.The anti friction bearing works swimmingly, dependably and while not noise.Under the condition of liquid lubrication, the slippery surface will be separated by oil while not direct contact, and also the friction loss and surface wear will be greatly reduced. The oil film additionally has sure vibration gripping capability.But the beginning friction resistance is giant.The a part of shaft supported by bearing is named shaft neck, and also the half matching shaft neck is named bearing bush.In order to enhance the friction property of the bearing surface, the anti-friction material layer sew the inner surface is named bearing lining.The materials of bearing bush and bearing liner area unitconjointly called anti-friction bearing materials.The application of anti-friction bearing is typically below the condition of high speed light-weight load.

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Commonly used with bearing alloy anti-friction bearing materials (also known as babbit or white metal), wear resistant forged iron, copper and atomic number 13 alloy, metallurgy material, plastic, rubber, hardwood and carbon - plumbago, PTFE (teflon, PTFE), changed polyformaldehyde (POM), etc.
The friction of anti friction bearing depends on the fabric of bearing slippery surface.The general operating face of anti-friction bearing has self-lubricating perform.Anti friction bearing area unit classified into non-metal anti friction bearing and metal anti friction bearing in keeping with materials.

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Non-metal anti friction bearing area unit primarily plastic bearings, plastic bearings area unit usually manufactured from engineering plastics with sensible performance.More skilled makers usually have self-lubricating engineering plastics modification technology, through the fibers, special lubricants, glass beads so on to self-lubrication engineering plastics modification technology,through the fibers, special lubricants, glass beads so on to self-lubrication engineering plastics modification.
Metal anti friction bearing is that the most used 3 layer composite bearings, the bearings area unit usually supported steel substrate, through sintering technology in plate on a layer of spherical copper powder forge initial, so sintering layer on copper powder layer is concerning zero.03 millimetre PTFE lubricant;Among them, the ball copper powder within the middle layer is principally accustomed strengthen the bonding strength between the plate and PTFE. Of course, it additionally plays an explicit bearing and lubricating role within the work.

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