Why German customers choose our non-standard 627 2rs skateboard bearings?

59 Published by Nov 15,2019

I remember that I have a customer whose from Germany last year. The customer was a skateboard manufacturer and needed our 627 2rs bearing.

Because the customer’s 627 2rs bearing is non-standard sizes, it is necessary to have a set of samples for the trial. I was worried when the purchase of this customer found me. The MOQ of this non-standard 627 2rs bearing is about 1000 sets, and the minimum cost after the mold fee is 3,000 RMB.

After all, we used to give a lot of samples to other customers, and now there is no news. After the customer said that they can only accpet MOQ of non-standard 627 2rs bearing is 480pcs, they would have 20,000 sets of acknowledgment after OK. If they were made, they could set up a big customer for the company, and the customers said that they would purchase this non-standard 627 2rs bearing. At that time, the boss’s attitude was not to accept this order, because the UK was too far away from me, and the first cooperation, the company’s production was busy, the orders of other customers were queued, so did not dare to pick up. 627 2rs bearing

I don’t think other companies are willing to pick this one. Finally,the customer accept our MOQ of 627 2rs bearing and need to our company accept one thing:he can make a payment for 1000pcs 627 2rs bearings,but when we produced them,we need to send the sample to him firstly,sample shipping cost needs our company bears.After I discussed it with my manager, our company accepted the customer’s suggestion.

After 15 days, the factory produced samples of non-standard 627 2rs bearings. And we sent them to the customer. The test, so the customer gave us 20,000 sets of orders, now there will be 20,000 sets  orders in half a month, this customer’s payment is also on time, our cooperation is very smooth.

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