Russian customers ordered our 627 zz ball bearings!

51 Published by admin Apr 18,2022

Our main product is bearings, which are exported to overseas. The following is the process of placing an order of 627 zz ball bearing with a Russian customer.

There was an inquiry from a Russia customer about ball bearing single row. We have many customers in Russia , and we are quite familiar with the operation process.

I saw the customer's email and phone number on the inquiry. I responded to the customer's 627 zz ball bearing quotation list.And then I added the customer's whats app and sent him the price list of 627 zz ball bearing. So that day I had in-depth communication with customers.627 zz

Through communication, I realized that customers do not know much about 627 zz ball bearing. Moreover, he is in trade, and he may have little understanding of the import process.

Since the customer did not know much about the shipping process and products, the whole communication process still took a lot of time. It took nearly a month from the receipt of the inquiry about 627 zz ball bearing to the order closing before the customer's deposit was received. There have been pauses in this process. I will follow up with customers every week, but I have a good grasp of the frequency of follow-up. In the end, the order was completed!

If you need any brand bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

Contact: Grace
MP/Whatsapp: +8618668903871

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