Made back to the boss, South African customers purchase active thrust bearing more than 90,000 US dollars

184 Published by admin Jan 22,2019

The day of tension began. Even the hair didn’t go to the company. The customer said that he would come over. This is a big customer. From the last year’s Canton Fair to the present, this time he is rushing down. Single, so I paid special attention to it. I used my colleagues to take samples of active thrust bearing in the factory. Originally, the boss wanted to help the reception. Unfortunately, the boss and the couple went to give him a big birthday. I heard that he was a big family. So, the two days gave me the responsibility of receiving the customer whose purchased active thrust bearing. In fact, this customer is also I am following, this arrangement is also reasonable.

This customer is from South Africa. During the Canton Fair, the customer explained the sample of active thrust bearing after our exhibition. The most important thing is that the customer requested to have their own logo. The customer mentioned that they did not return to South Africa immediately after the exhibition. I also invited Customers visit our company. After the Canton Fair, the customer's sample of the active thrust bearing will be quoted to the customer, and the customer will be invited to pick up more models of active thrust bearing in the mail. After a day, the customer did not reply to the email, I called directly and asked the customer if they received the quotation form of the active thrust bearing and invited them to our company again. The customer said that he would check the schedule and reply to me. The customer later replied to me, saying that the active thrust bearing quotation form was received and confirmed when it will be active thrust bearing

When confirming that the customer wants to come over, we quickly contacted the factory to prepare the customer for the sample of the active thrust bearing at the exhibition. About one week after the exhibition, the customer took an assistant and went to our company to see the sample of the active thrust bearing. It was originally said that 5 We arrived at our company before, but we may have been in other suppliers for a long time. We arrived at our company almost at 7:00 pm, soaked up the coffee. After a simple meeting, we took the sample of active thrust bearing at the exhibition and gave it to the customer. Look, let customers know that our company's work efficiency is very high, but also pay attention to customer cooperation, I can see that customers are also very satisfied with this point, so the customer said to continue to the active thrust bearing sample room to see, customer selection For the sample of active thrust bearing that we didn't see at the show, we also recommended the active thrust bearing that we thought was suitable for his market. We negotiated some details of the cooperation with the customer, and the customer took photos of many models of active thrust bearing. That night, when it talked about 11 o'clock, the customer arranged to go to other places the next day.

After the customer went back, the sample of the active thrust bearing had not been brought back. I took the sample of the active thrust bearing set at the exhibition and the sample of the active thrust bearing selected last night, and gave it as soon as possible after leaving. Packed and sent to his country. And send the information of these active thrust bearing to the customer, and also inform the active thrust bearing sample has been sent, Tracking No. is how much, out of courtesy, also made a call to his assistant to explain the situation. Then just wait for a reply.high active thrust bearing

In the second week, I received a reply from the customer saying that the samples and quotations of active thrust bearing have been received, and I will place an order for me soon, and said that the visit was very pleasant and thank you. I am also very happy. After two days, the customer's assistant sent me the order of the initial active thrust bearing. I made a PI of active thrust bearing to the customer. I thought that the PI of active thrust bearing was sent over. The order for this active thrust bearing was negotiated, but it was a good thing.

However, I have never responded. I am very anxious to give feedback to the boss. The boss sees the number of active thrust bearings that the customer has ordered. It is also the first time that I want to make an active thrust bearing order. Let me Inform the customer that the customer can be produced here according to their standards, but the delivery date must be postponed because of the problem with the mold. After the customer sent the past many days or no reply, I called the past, the customer assistant said that his boss was on a business trip, and then returned to me after he came back. So I waited until I waited, and I didn't know how long it took. The customer said that I was very grateful to us for producing according to their standards, and said that they would arrange to talk to our company after the Chinese New Year.good price active thrust bearing

Just a few months later, after the Chinese New Year, the customer sent an e-mail to say that they want to come over, to determine if it is convenient at the time. I will reply immediately, of course, I don’t think that the boss and the couple went out for the company’s running expenses, so I am under pressure. It is also very big. I have the right to arrange this meeting. I am responsible for the first time. I am still very nervous. So I get up early and go to the factory with my colleagues to take the active thrust bearing, so that customers have more choices and look forward to impress customers. Order early.

This time, the client said that he will arrive at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, but because of the last experience, I think that the customer should not have arrived so early, and told the boss's mother-in-law to eat early, and arranged for colleagues to pick up customers in the past. The customer waited until 8 o'clock in the evening to arrive. God, the whole company was hungry. The customer didn't even have dinner, so I arranged the boss to prepare the customer, and talked with the customer about the details of the active thrust thrust bearing factory

This time I have learned the lesson from being deceived by Nigerian customers. I am very rigorous in doing things. I tell the customer that according to all the requirements of the customer and determine the principle problem, I have to receive the deposit of the active thrust bearing before I can open the mold. I also speak very much. Art, the delivery schedule of the active thrust bearing is determined according to the progress of the factory production, including the two stages of mold opening and production, and is determined by the time the customer remits the deposit to me. The customer also agreed and finalized all the details of the active thrust bearing order, asking me to give him the final PI of active thrust bearing as soon as possible. I guess customers should have different market areas, the same type of active thrust bearing, customized according to several different packaging and logo, although cheaper to customers, but profitable.

Sending away customers, I look at the clock, more than two in the morning, the entire company's people followed me to stay up all night, this single can be described as twists and turns, and finally the completion of the fruit can be described as merit. Everyone is relieved, but tired, but especially happy.

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