Canadian customer purchase best longboard bearings

129 Published by Jul 26,2019

On October 2, I saw the RFQ of the customer requesting the information of the best longboard bearings, and reported the price of the best longboard bearings. Receive customer response and detailed request the next day. I quoted the price of best longboard bearings in the past. The customer replies after 5 days.

 On October 8th, the customer reported that the price of best longboard bearings was too expensive. I asked the customer the target price of longboard bearings. Customer No. 9 responded. I gave the customer the final confirmation of the price of the longboard bearings xxx which customers can't accept and feel too expensive. Must adhere to xxx. Subsequent follow-up has no effect. Customer response: Ok, forget longboard bearing

  On December 8th, the customer suddenly responded, saying that I wanted to purchase best longboard bearings, let me send invoices for best longboard bearings. In the past, I made invoices and payment information for best longboard bearings. I thought the customer would accept the price of this best longboard bearings, but the result is that the customer still needs to look at the sample of best longboard bearings, the price must be xxx and FOB.

   Later, I discussed with the boss, this basic earning is not much, decided not to accept first, so explained the complexity and quality of the process with the customer, so the port price can not be lower than longboard bearings

The customer replied to a long story, and for this I expressed a compromise and appropriately lowered the price to 0.05. However, the customer still said that it could not be accepted. For this I sent a long reply indicating the price of my longboard bearings.The customer saw my nonsense message saying: I have appreciated your attitude.I will contact you for a next opportunity. Have a great Holidays

I suddenly received a reply from the customer today, saying that he was not satisfied with the sample of the previous supplier , so he decided to purchase best longboard bearings from us. Then let me confirm our factory address, the price of longboard bearings drops by 0.05 he can accept, direct big goods, because he believes me. But have to order the insurance order, I said OK. Receive payment from the customer soon.

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