An order from 5 months later, the US customer buy ceramic ball bearings

273 Published by Jul 26,2018

On July 12th, Saturday, at 4am, the enquiry was sent. The customer said he want to buy ceramic ball bearings.I didn't have any passion for work at work on Saturdays. I was too lazy to come to the office to open the mail in the morning. The number was quite large and the content was very simple of buy ceramic ball bearings. I didn't have any requirements. I just said that I can send us a sample and quote. I am asked to send an address in the past. I will send samples when I look at the enquiry. I didn't say that I copied the address of our office directly. It was like this weekend and my friend KTV, the party took a day.I didn't take it seriously.

On July 15th, I received a customer email, the federal tracking number was received, and I thank you. I received too many samples for foreign countries, and then there was no movement behind.On July 24th, the customer responded and said Sorry, just back from the trip. I was relieved.On July 25th, the customer sent some detailed buy ceramic ball bearings requirements and drawings, and asked for samples. It is very complicated to read. I considered the quantity of buy ceramic ball bearings, then I senT an urgent email to the boss, and ask wether we are able to send it within 5 days. (At the time, the office was separated from the factory in the city) samples of buy ceramic ball bearings were waiting for a few ceramic ball bearings from China

 On July 29th, the customer suddenly asked me to have a site visit factory, let me confirm the address, I promised, the customer asked to see the factory next Tuesday, and later on Wednesday, when I really came to see the factory, it was a woman. It seems that he was the freight forwarder he had worked with before, and he took a ride to visit the factory. The boss was not there. At the time, another batch of American goods was going to be shipped. At that time, it was silly to think that it was the freight forwarding of the American customer, and did not care, but the freight forwarder took a few photos of the factory and later made a ride back to OFFICE. 

On August 8th, the customer email said that his freight forwarder had sent him a photo of our factory. He needed to receive samples of buy ceramic ball bearings to payment. The sample of buy ceramic ball bearings had not come out for half a month. I gave the boss an emergency, responded, and was quick, right away.On August 28, the customer received the sample of buy ceramic ball bearings. On the same day, the customer was quoted and the customer accepted it.
buy full ceramic ball bearings

On September 18th, the customer responded to still working on putting the purchase into our budget.However, there is still a small order of buy ceramic ball bearings . There has been great hope for this single, so in the middle of continuous tracking, the customer insisted on paying the first week of October.

On October 7th, the customer said that because it is on vacation now, and the shipment is not urgent, it is not urgent, and payment of buy ceramic ball bearings will be made on November 8. The feeling of heartbreaking instantly. In the middle of continuous follow-up, customers rarely respond.On November 8th, I did not receive any news from the customer, and I did not receive any information on the deposit. There was a feeling of crying and tears. At 12 o'clock in the evening, the angry Skype used to call the customer over the ocean. The customer's response was that they would soon make a payment but not now. Recently, they have been busy with Chirstmas. It is expected to make a payment of buy ceramic ball bearings on December high quality ceramic ball bearings

Follow up in the middle every day, but there are very few responses of buy ceramic ball bearings.

On November 25th, a greeting card was sent to the guests. On the second day, the customer responded, Thanks for your patience, we will sent you the payment of buy ceramic ball bearings on December 8.The psychology got a little comfort.

I spent the expectation in December, and finally I couldn't bear it. I sent an email to the customer on December 6. The customer responded that this time will not change. We will pay it of buy ceramic ball bearings on December 8. The mind is a little calmer. Put the invoice of buy ceramic ball bearings and the amount of money to be emphasized with the customer. On December 8th, I came to the company early in the morning, opened the mail, did not receive any news. Self-comfort, this is Beijing time, San Francisco time is still 7 days, maybe the customer is talking about his time.On the evening of December 8th, I went to sleep with my awkward mentality. I hope that I received good news in the morning. I woke up in the morning of the 9th, opened the mobile phone in the middle of the day, received the customer's mail, saw an attachment, and hid my heart. Only half a day to open, $14070  of buy ceramic ball bearings deposits to account, instantly do not sleep, good mood.

 On December 9, 14070 deposits arrived of buy ceramic ball bearings. The torment that lasted for four months is finally over.

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