My entangled order: the customers from the UK purchase ceramic bearings road bike

299 Published by admin Aug 29,2018

Probably in November, I suddenly received a call from a foreigner, saying that I would like to come to the factory to see it, and then I reported to the superiors with enthusiasm, prepared a little, took it the next day, roughly looked at it, and then various ceramics bearings road bike quoted, he felt almost the same, and then gave us more than 20 ceramic bearings road bike, let us take the offer. Listening to what he said, their company is so big and big, the number is big and big, the excitement is so happy, I thought I would see the dawn. Later, after he returned to the company, he gave our business card to the salesman of their company. Then we were quoted for various ceramic bearings road bike every day. It felt like it was like shopping in the mall and looking at the clothes. Several times, it was reported at 10 o'clock in the evening. At that time, I felt that the hard work was rewarding. Then, things became more and more ceramic bearings road bike

First of all, the product of the first ceramic bearings road bike sent a picture for the quotation. The boss said that the material of ceramic bearings road bike could not be seen clearly and could not be reported. Then they sent the sample of the ceramic bearings road bike, the price was reported, the satisfaction, and then the proof, the sample passed. The customer said that the size of ceramic bearings road bike is too small, giving the big size to play again. After a few days, after the game was finished, the boss said that it was reported as it was. This size difference is so much that this price cannot be done. The customer was not happy. At the time, the price was repeatedly emphasized to you, the price report could not be changed, and the size of the form and the new size were not much different. Then apologize for all kinds of guilty conscience, did not pay attention to the size of the form at the time, as it is to the boss directly to the boss, no amount, I do not know the two are not the same. . . . . . . During the period, the other party's boss sent an e-mail to me, this is to do business again, not a child's play, I sincerely say that the guarantee is no longer committed. After a few days of entanglement, the two sides gave each other a little bit and added a little. Then proofing the past, the feedback said that it is still small, or have to add the size of the ceramic bearings road bike, the boss is certainly not happy. Sadly reminded me and the client to explain, and begged the boss to think of ways, the boss also gave a planceramic bearings road bike manufacturer

Later, the factory was on holiday. The customer sent several pictures of ceramic bearings road bike on Skype, and the size of the smallest code. I then forwarded it directly to the boss on Skype, and then carefully sent the size sheet. After the last lesson, I called again. Then the material and workmanship of ceramic bearings road bike are not clear, the customer promised to send a sample of ceramic bearings road bike, I said that I have gone home on holiday, send ceramic bearings road bike directly to the boss. After two days, the price came over and promised to be proofed the next year. When the next year started, I carefully crafted a sample of the ceramic bearings road bike. When the boss looks at it, it is reported as it is. This size of ceramic bearings road bike is big, and then the price is low. No. This is still the smallest code, and the big one is still there, it is really drunk. Then there are all kinds of tangles. It was a few days of negotiation, and later it was proofing. The customer was all kinds of changes. I couldn’t cry when I was crying. It’s a pity to give up so much energy, but what should I do if I don’t give up? 

Later, the customer finally purchased the ceramic bearings road bike, about 70w or so, feeling that the beginning was so unsatisfactory, and prepared for the back setbacks. I didn't expect everything behind it to be very smooth.

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