At the Canton Fair, we won the big customer who purchased 3 million US dollars of ceramic bike wheel bearings this year.

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At the Canton Fair in April this year, we won a large customer of $3 million in purchase of ceramic bike wheel bearings.

When the customer came to our booth, he just sat down and spit on a few suppliers of his ceramic bike wheel bearings. The business card that the customer gave us was not even a real business card.Then you may have to ask at this time: Most of the people we met at the Canton Fair are customers of this type. How did you get him?

First, explore customer needs

On this day, Tianlang was refreshed and smooth, and we welcomed a new customer at the booth.He observed that in the process of moving from Hall C to Hall B, he has not done too much, but when he saw our booth, it was probably a little tired, he wanted to find a place to sit. Then he walked in slowly.As soon as I saw the customer coming to our booth, my colleague hurried forward and talked with the customer.Of course, the purpose of the conversation is not to promote our ceramic bike wheel bearings, but to better understand the customer's specific situation. ceramic bike wheel bearings
After talking a few words, we almost know the other party's main business, and my colleague suddenly came to the spirit.My colleague asked the other person a question, from the perspective of SPIN, called "difficult problem."“Excuse me, is your cooperation with the supplier of existing ceramic bike wheel bearings all right? Is there any situation?”Upon hearing this question, the customer came to the moment and came directly to the supplier of the ceramic bike wheel bearings from my colleague, including but not limited to:

1. Defer the delivery period  of ceramic bike wheel bearingsand postpone it from the established 30 days to 50 days;
2, the communication is not smooth, the customer sent the mail today, the supplier replied after the day after;
3. Not paying enough attention to customers, there is no so-called service.
During the talking, there is a recurring sentence: I can not sleep.Due to the time difference, and the supplier of ceramic bike wheel bearings hardly worked overtime, the customer had to deal with the Chinese business at night in order to dock the supplier of the ceramic bike wheel bearings, which gave him no time to sleep.However, it should be noted that as of now, the customer has not shown any "pain", we can feel that the other party is just voicing.
So my colleagues didn't say too much, just a few introductions to the cases we have experienced of ceramic bike wheel bearings before, and the problems we have dealt with for our clients.ceramic bearing
In addition, the supplier who does not work overtime for the customer's ceramic bike wheel bearings, she said:"I read emails every night before going to bed. If there are important things, I will deal with them immediately."

After bidding farewell to the customer, another colleague specialized in a background check to determine that the customer has a huge purchase of ceramic bike wheel bearings in Asia every year, the colleague's interest is even higher.
She knows that customers' current business in China still faces many problems, and guessing that customers' ability to solve problems will be especially valued.

Therefore, a special email was sent, which elaborated on the price increase of a ceramic bike wheel bearings that we recently solved for our customers.
By the way, the customer gave us not the real business card at the Canton Fair, or the and so on.

Although my colleague found the real mailbox through the Internet, it also reflected that the customer has not formed enough trust for us to purchase ceramic bike wheel bearings.

In addition, this email did not receive a reply from the customer at the end, and we were too busy for that period of time to take care of the customer and make in-depth contact, so this matter was temporarily put on hold.high speed ceramic bearing

Second, seize the pain points of customers

After about two months, the customer suddenly sent an email to his colleague at 11:00 pm China time, saying that he wanted to call her (good treacherous, this is to test whether my colleague is really sleeping before Looking at the mail?).

Fortunately, my colleague did not brag.

The phone probably lasted about 40 minutes. I don't know the specific content, but from the description of the colleague, it feels like an interview.

It should be quite satisfactory, after that, we can start from some small order of ceramic bike wheel bearings.

By this time, trust was completely established, and it was only when it was time to make plans.
Please note that as of this time, we have not reported the price of ceramic bike wheel bearings.

It can only be quantified from the “pain” of the customer, and the value we can help the customer create, and then set the anchor point to quote, otherwise the quote will have no meaning.ball bearing
Therefore, we generally only tell customers how we charge, and we will not quote them until the last minute.
After the customer sent his small order of ceramic bike wheel bearings and hoped to have a conference call, we knew that the opportunity came.
When the customer met us before, there was no pain.
But this time, his pain came - one of the suppliers gave him 25% of the price of ceramic bike wheel bearings, which was worth  of ceramic bike wheel bearings is $25,000.

Then, at 11 o'clock in the evening, a meeting!I often say one thing: the decision to win or lose is often before the war begins.When we opened this conference call, we were very clear that the chance of this customer being taken up of ceramic bike wheel bearings order was as high as 90%.
Because of the pain, the trust is there, the demand is there, and we have the plan.
We reported the price of ceramic bike wheel bearings on the conference call. The customer accepted it directly and without any objection, quickly pushed ceramic bike wheel bearings the sales process to the stage of order confirmation.

If you need ceramic bike wheel bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

Contact: Grace
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