Uzbekistan purchases china alternator bearing through 2 days of communication

226 Published by Oct 26,2018

This customer is the second purchase of china alternator bearing. After the first purchase of china alternator bearing, the customer talked well with the customer, often talked about some commonplace, the customer also showed me that he had 3 cars and sent photos to me. But recently customers have not had news, I think customers should be busy, no time to take care of me.

Yesterday, the customer suddenly said hello to me, although I don't know if he can buy or not, but he is still very happy, just like a friend who hasn't met for a long time. At about 2:30 in the afternoon, I sent a small video of china alternator bearing and told me that I needed it urgently. I quickly found the price of the boss. This customer has always asked for quality, not to look at the price, of course, because it is an old customer, we give the lowest price. The customer said that 50 pieces of china alternator bearing, let me help him check DHL, help him check, he said that it is too expensive, to increase the number of china alternator bearing, increased to 100 pieces of china alternator bearing.china alternator bearing SUPPLIER

The customer found a freight forwarding from the Internet. I called and consulted. The people were too small to accept. The next day, the customer gave me a call from his freight forwarder in Beijing. At that time, I was thinking, why is it so urgent? give me.

I contacted the customer's freight forwarder, asked the address, and made an invoice for the china alternator bearing. The customer said that the payment was made after 1 hour, because they are now 8:30 and the bank does not open the door.

By the end of noon, the customer sent a photo of their bank and said that he was waiting in line. Half an hour later, the customer sent me a bill for the payment of china alternator bearing.

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