In two months,3 orders about china cylindrical roller bearing that make people feel tired

261 Published by admin Sep 11,2018

A customer, from the United States, is a small list of china cylindrical roller bearing, but after talking for so long, I finally placed an order for me. Although it is a small customer, but things are a lot, and the customer is not directly The export company, every time he contacted him, had a big night, called, and went to the front desk first, and then he was not necessarily there. It should be a head. Although the number of China cylindrical roller bearings is small, the size is not conventional. However, it is often not available. During the period, all kinds of sadness will not be mentioned. Anyway, no matter what, after a month, the goods of China cylindrical roller bearing finally left.China cylindrical roller bearing factory

B customer, from Nigeria, I talked when I first went there, because the number of china cylindrical roller bearings that I just started is relatively large, so I have been following it. When I finally send samples of china cylindrical roller bearing, I will come back and forth. After saying it for more than a month, I didn’t want to pay, indeed, she didn’t understand it, and she didn’t import it from China. The company will definitely not pay for it. I will pay for the sample of china cylindrical roller bearing. She, the customer is very grateful, and finally said that I will give the sample of China cylindrical roller bearing to me, and finally talked about less than ten months, finally placed the order, but only 30% of the previous number, However, no matter what, the commission is enough for the sample fee I had before, but this Nigerian customer is a leader of a women's association, but all things must continue to seek the consent of the members. After the money is saved, there will be no day. The reminder of the night, the factory is more powerful, and the Chinese cylindrical roller bearing is prepared within the prescribed time.China cylindrical roller bearing manufacturer

C customer, is an Iranian, but now in China, there is a Chinese wife, they are talking about all aspects in Shaoxing, they came to see the factory, and then all aspects have been confirmed, just china cylindrical roller bearing.There were too many requests, and I played several times in the proofing. During the first single period, I gave me another order. In fact, this was discovered by myself. When he came to the factory, we went to the factory and talked about china cylindrical roller Inadvertently, I saw another china cylindrical roller bearing in his IPad. We just have it. He is watching our products today. He will go to another factory with the same strength as our factory tomorrow to see anotherchina cylindrical roller bearing. Then I am  talking about our china cylindrical roller bearing
, I talked to him about other products, OK, and finally the customer still took the list from us, although I also went to see the factory's China cylindrical roller bearing. In the evening, I sent the customer back to the hotel, and I also talked a lot. The two tickets were only sent out last week. Before the delivery, I also took various photos of china cylindrical roller bearing and confirmed them.

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